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Three Olives
Three Olives Chocolate Flavored Vodka

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Three Olives - The Best Flavored Vodkas


Though I generally like rum over vodka for plain alcohol, I do like a flavored vodka every once in a while for a change. One of the absolute BEST brands for flavored vodkas (in my opinion) is the Three Olives brand. One of my favorite flavors is the "loopy" flavor which tastes exactly like fruit loops! All of their flavors taste exactly like the flavor they should be! For this specific flavor, chocolate, it gives you exactly what you want from a chocolate flavored vodka! I use this when I want to have "adult" hot chocolate!



Three Olives Chocolate Flavored Vodka: Heaven in a Bottle!


Three Olives Vodka is always my go to drink/mixer when entertaining. My favorites are Root Beer, Espresso, and Chocolate. I take a bottle as a gift when I visit others, and I find that Chocolate is an excellent addition to beverages such as coffee or hot cocoa. It is a wonderful touch in a chocolate martini, and even pleasant as a straight shot. If you are bold or are culinary adventurous, you can even use it in cooking/baking. The reason this flavor is so versatile is that it almost tastes like a melted chocolate bar in a glass of vodka, not simply "chocolate-flavored" vodka. One thing I truly love about Three Olives vodka is how smooth it is, while still being strong enough for a great kickstart to the night, after work chill-down or nightcap. Bring some over to friends and watch the delight on their faces. Be careful, it's easy to go through a bottle quickly! The brand is so fun that it becomes a popular, crave-able go-to beverage that is absolutely perfect in every way.

Marietta, GA


Three Olives Chocolate Vodka: Delicious Alternative Spirit


Flavored spirits are popular and liquor manufacturers know this. They continue to search for more ways to enhance their vodka, rum, and other products, often in interesting and flavorful ways. One company with a wide assortment of vodka flavors is Three Olives and one of its many options is **Three Olives Chocolate Vodka**, an indulgent spirit. **Vodka Commentary:**Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is a clear liquor with a noticeably strong aroma that combines alcohol with a small amount of dark chocolate. The flavor of this vodka is exactly what one would expect. Taken straight, the flavors present include cocoa and alcohol, with some vanilla on the edges. The chocolate flavor mellows out after each sip as the alcohol flavor fades, leaving an aftertaste similar to that of chocolate candy. The alcohol content of this vodka is 35 percent by volume (70 proof) and it is completely wheat and gluten free. I have sampled a few of the Three Olives flavored vodka products and I can attest that there are some very good options among them. Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is one of the best I have tried thus far. It tastes great as a sipping vodka and also as an addition to certain mixed drinks. This product can be used to enhance many different traditional drinks like martinis to create a new drink with a chocolate twist.  Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is good all by itself, but where it really shines is when mixed in certain drinks. One simple drink that tastes great is Three Olives Chocolate Vodka combined with Kahlua and served over ice. The combination makes for a great after- dinner drink and can be enhanced further with added cream. Any drink that already has a chocolate, vanilla, caramel, or similar flavor will taste even better with Three Olives Chocolate Vodka added as an ingredient, in place of the regular variety.  Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is smoother than most vodkas with only a small amount of bite. One quality I like is how the alcoholic zing fades way quickly, leaving behind the pleasant taste of chocolate. This product is actually very tasty as a sipping vodka and some will like it tasted straight while others will enjoy it with a small amount of vermouth and served as a chocolate martini. Whatever tickles your fancy, Three Olives Chocolate Vodka does make for a tasty twist on an ordinary vodka drink. **Bottom- Line Viewpoint:** Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is a delicious vodka with many uses. As a professed chocoholic, I like it better than most other flavored vodkas (which tend to be fruity) and I love the way it combines with Kahlua, Frangelico, and other distilled spirits for a delicious after dinner drink. It won't work as a substitute in every mixed drink, but in those drinks in which the flavor is compatible, Three Olives Chocolate Vodka is a very good liquor that makes a good alternative to traditional vodka.    

Houston, TX


Three Olives Chocolate Flavored Vodka

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