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Protein Powder
Thorne Mediclear

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MediClear is the best health support product I have ever used .


This product is amazing. I use it to do a detox cleanse which rids my body of built up toxins. The results are Striking for me: clear thinking and concentration, improved mood and attitude, increased energy, boosts my metabolism, ultimately leading to weight loss. The cleanse is so easy to follow: just mix product into a smoothie with fruit or veggie juices or rice or nut milks. Tastes fine, not like some of the 'shake' products you get. After I detox, I continue to drink one smoothie shake a day to support my weight loss as it keeps my metabolism revved up! Its the easiest and most importantly, HEALTHIEST way I have ever lost weight.  This product is excellent for people with allergies as it is made with rice protein, which is gently digested and is free of gluten and dairy for people with those sensitivities.  When I use this regimen I don't get sick. I am impressed with this product.


Canterbury, CT


Thorne Mediclear

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