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Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins

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A delicious English muffin


I love Thomas' English muffins, but the classic ones have little fiber. These ones are reduced calorie and also have a higher fiber content, however, the taste is still great. Unlike most high fiber breads, these don't have a super dry consistency. I like them a lot!



Very tasty, very nutritious low-cal English muffins!


Man, these taste a lot better than what I was expecting!  I try to eat healthy, say, at least 70% of the time and make sure I get adequate fiber and protein in my diet.  Fiber is just a wonderful thing to keep your weight down and your digestive tract at its peak.  I tried the multi-grain variety of these, which happen to have 8 grams of fiber in 1 muffin, but they taste so good!  They're nice and soft, not all pencil-shaving dry like some high fiber products.  And 1 muffin will only set you back 100 calories, and they're worth every single one.  There is a good amount of nutrition other than the fiber content in the muffins, too.  No cholesterol, no trans fat and low sodium.  They also provide 6 grams of protein, 10% of daily calcium and 6% of daily iron.  I like to make them into a mini-meal by adding a schmear of low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter, sometimes with a little jam on top for a tasty treat.  They're also terrific with tuna, made into a mini-tuna melt in my toaster oven with some low-fat cheddar cheese on top (preferrably Cabot's cheese)!  They're very versatile and very delicious.  Will buy again and again!

Tampa, FL


Tastes great and good for you too. Eat em up, yum!


***Quick View:*** My family calls me a fiber freak. And I am. I believe fiber fills you up and keeps you full and it aids in good digestive health. I don't get nearly enough fiber for the most part so I am always on the lookout for foods that boost my intake. **Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins** have 5 grams of fiber per muffin and taste great. They really are a better start to anyone's day! ***My Take on Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins*** These English muffins look exactly like regular ones. They come six to a package and need to be sliced into halves to toast. Each weighs 1.8 ounces which is just about what other English muffins weigh. They taste exactly the same as English muffins at a restaurant or that you buy in a store with little or no fiber in them. At just 100 calories, 1 gram of fat, and 4 grams of protein, the hefty 5 grams of fiber in every muffin is an added benefit to these low cal, low fat muffins. I toast them and add fat free cream cheese or low fat spread. My son likes them with jam or sometimes a piece of cheese. If my 19 year old will eat these, you KNOW they don't taste "healthy" because he says everything I pick out that is healthy tastes like cardboard. These don't. Along with some egg beaters, I can get not just a lot of protein but quite a bit of fiber with virtually no fat and very few calories. And I am not left hungry at all. **Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins** are a great way to start the day or even end it with some all natural preserves and a cup of tea. You get the benefits of high fiber and some protein and no guilt inducing bad fat or high calories. Can't beat that. ***My Viewpoint*** ***Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins*** taste just like regular English muffins but give you a great boost of fiber as well as a nice amount of protein for a bread product. They're great for the whole family. They are a bit pricier than store brands or even Thomas' regular English muffins but by a small amount. I really believe keeping my body healthy with the fiber it needs is worth it.*** 4 stars.***

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Thomas' Better Start High Fiber 100 Calories English Muffins

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