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Thermos Grill

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My Thermos grill has plenty of room to grill


The Thermos grill has a large grilling surface that can hold a lot of food.  The temperature across the grill is fairly even, with the back a little hotter than the front.  That allows food to be cooking in the back, and warming in the front.  The propane tank is easy to change, with the entire back open for accessing the tank.  The side burner produces a lot of heat. making it easy to boil corn.  There is also a griddle that can be used on the side burner.  The added versatility is very useful.  The grates are heavy duty and have a porcelain finish.  They are easy to clean with a wire brush and hold up to much use. The stainless steel exterior has held up wonderfully for a number of years, even though it sits outside year round, including the midwest winters.  The burners have not needed replacing like other grills I have owned.  The side table is handy for untensils and platters.  The thermostat in the lid makes it easy to monitor and adjust the temperature of the grill.

Brookfield, IL


Thermos Grill

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