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Thermos Foogo
Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Sippy Cup

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The Best Sippy Cup Around


Although the leak proof aspect will not last forever, it is by far the best sippy cup ever. I have had mine over three years and at least two of my three children have used it. It will remain leak resistant as far as I have seen. It is one of the easiest to clean. Other sippy cups always seem to build up yucky residue in spots that are hard to clean, but not this cup. It's durable design is unmatched. And it keeps the drink at a cool temperature even on hot summer days in the car. Ever take a swig of you kids sippy cup on a day of shopping to find it is unbearably warm? Try it with a cheap uninsulated one and you will jump to buy this. The little plastic part at the bottom did fall off after awhile, but nothing a little glue will not fix. My one son chews on everything, including sippy cups. He has ruined a few because of it, but not this one. The hard plastic mouth piece prevents this. It is well worth the money!



Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Sippy Cup is one of the best


In my title I say that this is one of the best sippy cups and for sure there are reasons for this statement. But I always give the cons first in most of my reviews. First of all this is not truly leak proof and I have the proof on my carpet or in the baby car seat. If the baby throws the bottle down, milk or juice will spill out. Even if the bottle is tipped downward, it will leak. But I still give this 4 stars because I don't think anything is 100% leak proof. Now the pros:1) This thing is very well insulated. In some cases even after 3 hrs the drink was cool.2) This thing is very durable. Some of the other brands only lasted 1 week in my household (for example in bottle the lip would no longer tightly screw onto the cup). But on the Foogo, even after 3 months of daily use, the lid fits perfectly.3) The nipple portion of the lid is not at all in bad shape even though the baby now has teeth.4) This bottle just has an expensive touch to it. It is also one of the most expensive bottles we have bought, but it's also the last one.5) It's metal which I feel more comfortable feeding the baby from.

Peoria, IL


Leaks like crazy, but very well insulated


When I first got the Foogo sippy I was so excited because it clearly does an amazing job of keeping liquids warm or cold.  I left it in a warm car for about 6 hours once, full of ice water, and when I retrieved it, there ws actually still ICE in the sippy.  So I was very thrilled to have this cup since we're often out running errands and going to the playground for most of the day, and I worry about my daughter's milk spoiling. However, I quickly realized that this was the leakiest sippy cup I've ever owned.  If turned upside down, the liquid just drips on out, even if the child isn't shaking the cup or deliberately trying to make a mess.  When the cup was knocked onto its side, not even completely upside down, on my bedspread, it made a huge puddle of milk (luckily not chocolate milk or grape juice at least) in minutes. I also didn't realize that the top is made up for four separate parts that have to be dismantled to clean it, so it didn't get fully clean the first couple of times I washed it, and mold grew on the inside of hte sippy part that I couldn't clean out, so this expensive cup had to get thrown away.  If they could just fix the sippy mechanism, this would be a great product, but as it is it's worthless as a sippy.

Saint Louis, MO


I love it!


I love this bottle.  So does my daughter.  I don't have to worry about germs.  In fact I am going to buy another one because my daughter lost her Foogo bottle and I can't find it.  It is worth buying for.  I love it that it keeps hot for a while and if you want to keep it cold.. it will keep cold for more than 5 hrs in hot weather. 

Kernersville, NC


Don't buy Thermos Foogo Sippy cup


This is the worst sippy cup you can spend your money on. This cup is not leak proof there was a 7oz pool in my baby bag to prove it. There is no cover for the top so I have to put a rag over the top, I should have use a zip lock bag. It's not worth the money, because it does not work.

Covington, GA




I registered with kaboodle.com which I may say, is my absolute favorite website.  While there, I found out about Foogo.  It's a toddler cup NOT made of plastic.  It doesn't promote or allow for bacteria.  It's easy to clean.  Modern look to it.  Not heavy and my daughter LOVES it.  I highly recommend this.  Canada was on the right step when they banned all those plastics because they are unhealthy.  This is the way to go.  Foogo!

Pompano Beach, FL


Thermos Foogo Leak-Proof Sippy Cup

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