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ThermiPaq Thermionics Advanced Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad

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Doesn't stay hot long enough


I own the 6"X 12" size. I'm reviewing this as a hot pad because I've never used it before cold. When I first got this I thought it was very cool and inventive because I had never heard of a heating pad that used clay. Originally when I was shopping, I was looking for a hot water bottle but I thought this product would be better. I also like that it could be strapped onto the body using the velcro strap. I've owned this about a year. I stopped using it for some time because it was kind of frustrating to use because it doesn't stay hot very long. Mine probably stay at a good temperature for about 30 minutes before I need to reheat it again. I have a 700W microwave so I microwave this for 1 minute and 20 seconds on high. To reheat it, you put it in for half as long. I think it gets too hot. Plus I think the clay gets hot spots because even though I smooth it so it's even, sometimes some areas are burning hot. The cloth cover of the pad also gets worn over time and starts to unattractively pill. I mainly use this for my lower back and abdomen. Lately I've been using it with a castor oil pack. The thing is it doesn't really stay hot long enough. I'm looking for another alternative. If you do buy this, opt for the larger size even though it's harder to find.

Pasadena, CA


Works well but be sure to choose the right size for your needs!


***Quick View****:*** Everyone in the house has muscle and joint aches due to exercise or overwork. It's my husband's turn this time. His lower back is stiff and very sore. He bought a **Thermipaq Thermionics Advanced Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad** the last time his back hurt and got it out again this time. This pack can be heated in the microwave or stored in the freezer. My husband uses this pack hot. It's effective and easy to use but the heat does tend to wear off quicker than I would like. ***My Take on the Thermipaq Thermionics Advanced Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad*** The manufacturer describes this pack this way: *"Each size includes a pliable ThermiPaq pad filled with all-natural, clay-based materials. This compound is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe. Also includes a soft, washable cloth cover and Velcro strap to secure pad to treatment area for better overall pain relief."* There are a few sizes. My husband bought s appears a medium sized one that is good for lower backs, knees, elbows and other smaller areas of the body. The pad measures 6" x12". There is a larger one that he probably should have bought that measures 9.5" x15". This pack is covered in a soft fabric and has a little bag bag of non toxic clay based material inside. It will freeze or heat up and hold the cold or heat for 30-45 minutes. You definitely have to be careful when heating the pack. It could explode if left in the microwave for too long. The pack has a stretchy belt-like thing attaches so, in theory, you can wrap the belt around your waist or other body parts to hold the pack in place. The belt is short though and my husband can't wrap it around his 31" waist. I can wrap the belt around my waist but it's pretty tight. It works OK around knees and smaller areas though. Although the **Thermipaq Thermionics Advanced Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad** isn't as effective as a heating pad for my cramps and muscle aches, my husband likes it and has been using it nonstop since he injured his back. He does agree that he should have bought the larger size though. ***My Viewpoint*** In all, this pack holds heat and cold pretty well and seems quite durable. It heats up fast and stays warm for longer than simple patches. It also freezes well and stays very cold for a long time with no leaking.The larger size would be much more effective for my husband's back but even the smaller one helps. He likes it quite a lot. I use it as well  when my knee of neck hurts. ***4 stars***. Better than many other similar packs.

The heart of , NY


ThermiPaq Thermionics Advanced Therapeutic Hot & Cold Pad

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