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Thermax Vacuum

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Cleans your floors and the air you breathe!


I inherited this vacuum from my mother, who rarely used it because of its rather awkward bulk.  I have to say, she was missing out on something fantastic!  The Thermax AF1 is by far the best vacuum I have ever used!  I hate to clean, but it is well worth the hassle with this appliance, which not only cleans my floors, but also the air! The Thermax AF1 is a water-based vacuum that can not only suck up dirt, but also can steam-clean carpet and can be converted into an air filtration system.  The conversions are easy enough; snap off this hose, attach that hose, put cleaning solution in, etc.  And since it is a wet vacuum, you really get to see how much dirt and pet hair it sucked out of your carpet when you empty the canister. The only downside to this machine is its size; it is bulky and awkward to use in tight spaces, so I've learned that I have to shift furniture around in order to vacuum most rooms.  Tip: you need to empty the canister when you are done, rather than letting it sit.  The water and all the gunk in it will sour, giving the whole vacuum a rancid smell!  

Vinemont, AL


Thermax Vacuum

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