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Thermador Pro Grand Gas Range PRG486EDG

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This is great stove for my kitchen


I love this gas stove. It could get to really high heat, which is great for my Chinese cooking since it needs really high heat to do stir fry in very short time and not over cook the food. It could also go very low heat for me to make soup. So the range of control is very wide. It also comes with 6 burners. 2 of them could do auto on-and-off to keep the temperature in certain range. I don't use them most of time though since i'm still used to the traditional burners. In the middle, it also comes with a flat iron for grill meat. I used it couple times. The heat is very even. However, since it's big piece of iron, it takes a while to heat up to the temperature I want. Also it's not very easy to clean up overall.



Thermador Pro Grand Gas Range PRG486EDG

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