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ThermaCare Joint & Arthritis Pain Knee & Elbow HeatWraps

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A miracle worker on achy joints.


I love these heat wraps. I use it on my knee and it soothes the pain within half an hour! I would recommend the heat wraps over a muscle rub any day. I've even used the knee/elbow wrap on my ankle and it works great. Effectiveness Works better than muscle rubs

Beloit, WI


Great knee heat wrap


I really like the quality and effectiveness of Therma Care products. I often use the back heat wraps and they are very effective in reducing muscle tension. The knee heat wraps are also high quality and very effective in reducing knee strain and pain. Although the box says that the wraps provide 12 hours of heat, I've not worn them that long. I have worn them for many hours and they have stayed consistent in temperature. The knee wraps are simple to use: unstick the tape, place around knee, let the air activate the heat. They are not bulky and have no odor, so you can wear them under your clothing without much notice. The one con is if extremely active (hot-sweaty) the tape sometimes comes loose. But, in a normal walking type pace they work fine. I have never worn these on my elbow so I'm not sure of the fit, but for knees they fit well. After placing them on, you hardly notice it's there. Overall, these do effectively provide a great deal of relief for knee strain and I would definitely recommend them. 

Lake City, FL


ThermaCare Joint & Arthritis Pain Knee & Elbow HeatWraps

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