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ThermaCare Arthritis Hand & Wrist HeatWraps

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I will buy this agian


It just wraps around your hand and sticks to its self. It is a even hear and a even cool. It does not burn and I have sensitive skin.

Fairmount In


Did not fit my hands - at all


I have small hands. I also have an autoimmune disorder that causes inflamation in my joints. My hands are sometimes affected by this. When that happens, I want a heating pack that will warm the joints at the base of my fingers. Since I love the ThermaCare Back and Hip wrap, I though that I would give these a try. I had high hopes. Instead, what I got was disappointment. The wraps did not fit my hands. At all. They were too big and hard to put on. They were also restrictive of my movement and I was not able to just do normal things like I can with the back wrap. The other problem was that the heating pack is much smaller than the actual hand wrap. So even though the wraps covered my knuckles like I wanted, I could not get the heat on them. I ended up taking the heating pack out of the wraps and using an Ace bandage to hold it on. I will be going back to just buying the hand warmers, which are cheaper, and wrapping them on for shorter periods of time... like I used to do.

Trenton, NJ




With fibromyalgia and arthritis I develop pains all over.  Periodically I have problems with sciatic nerve which is very difficult to treat.  However in desperation I decided to become inventive.  I cut patch to fit on my tail bone and secured it with duct tape.  It was truly a miracle and gave me immediate relief and pain was gone next day.  Now I have to go buy some more duct tape.  I call it my "redneck" cure.

Fond Du Lac, WI


ThermaCare Wrist/Hand Arthritis wraps


ThermaCare Hand/Wrist wraps for arthritis are found in the grocery store in the first aid section.  They are in the gold box, next to the regular ThermaCare.  The box carries two individually wrapped hand/wrist wraps, that when they are opened, the air activates the "heating elements".  They warm up gradually and stay heated for up to twelve hours. You could put one on in the morning and it will last all day OR you can put one before bed and wear it during the night for pain relief.  It is like having a heating pad on your hand and wrist. The only thing I wished is that the heat would be on both dies of the wrist and not just the top.  My wrists tend to hurt all the way around and not just one side.  Although it does help tremendously, I think it would be more effective with heat on the underside as well. I also wish there were more than just two in a box.  The price can be a little high as well.  I find them the cheapest at the military commissary.

Virginia Beach, VA


ThermaCare Arthritis Hand & Wrist HeatWraps

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