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Therapure Air Purifier

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Great air purifier


I bought this in 2005 new. It has been a GREAT unit. In 3022 it is still working and cleaning air. I use the UV lamp about 60% of the time and it is still working. I have regularly vacuumed the permanent filter and have not had to buy a new one. If you find a used one online for a good price I say grab it.



waste of money


Uv bulb only lasted 3 months, 4th month started leaving black soot on the floor below it and on unit itself, and to disassemble to get it all off and it came back a month later. Over priced fan !


Portland, Oregon


Does what it says but still doesn't meet expectations.


The air purifier is meant to remove particles in the air and clean it. To an extent it does do this. The purifier does take out things like dust but it doesn't really do it in a simple way. The filter is reusable but isn't really easy to clean. Ease of Maintenance The cleaning of this purifier really isn't very easy. The filter is open-able from the back to clean but cleaning it is difficult and if you're trying to not come in contact with dust, then opening up the back and cleaning the dust isn't very convenient. Dust/Allergen Removal The purifier definitely removes dust from the air telling from the filter. Although i keep it on low constantly, it doesn't seem to really make a difference in the amount of dust in the air. Filter Availability I haven't been able to find a replacement filter for this, If it's available, it isn't easy to find. Durability The build quality of the unit itself is very solid. The ultraviolet light however isn't durable, it died out very quickly. I also noticed in the first few months of it, some sort of a burning smell, not sure what that was. Effectiveness It doesn't seem practicality effective. It may be if you keep it on high all the time and clean it very often. Although it makes a lot of noise on medium and high, but little on low, Design The design itself is very appealing and very simple. It does look very nice and fitting, The design of the filter opening to clean the filter isn't very good as previously stated.




Essential when you are suffering from allergies


I bought 2 of those after being diagnosed with dog and dustmite allergies. Since I have 4 dogs there is a lot of shedding going on. Even with our Dyson Hepavac there is still a lot of hair in the air. Living in the desert also doesnt make it any better being it is always very dusty here. I have the air purifiers on day and night and I am a lot less congested. Its very easy to operate and since you can clean the filters yourself there are no expensive additional cost. Just turn it on and let it run. Its that easy


North Las Vegas, NV


Pleased with the THERAPURE 201M


I had a small air purifer, but my husband complained about the noise and was always turning it off. It also required replacement filters which weren't very cheap. We have two cats and a friend who is allergic so I finally asked for a new air purifier as a gift. Some research turned up the Therapure 201M for a reasonable price. It doesn't require replacement filters (it just needs a clean once per month) so will actually pay for itself in the long run. I haven't noticed a significant reduction in the household dust, but our friend claims to be less bothered by the cats' dander when he visits. The filter is darker each month so it must be collecting something. It would probably work better if I could run it on medium or high, but my husband still says that those settings are too noisy. It's hard to know if the UV lamp kills anything. I like that it's Energy Star qualified and like that there are no filters to throw out.


Hopkinsville, KY


Awesome Fresh Smelling Clean Air!!


Me and my fiance were concerned about the dust in our house ... plus mold and mildew spores that were in the air (we have a problem in our bathroom). We had been shopping around for air purifiers for a while, and were weighing the pros and cons... permanent filter vs. replaceable filter, uv hepa filter.... there were so many decisions to make. We decided on this one mainly because it cleaned a large area, didn't constantly need the filters to be replaced, and eliminated mold and mildew in the air. Our apartment used to smell really bad.. (diapers and trash oder) plus before we got the new furniture, there was a lot of dust in our house! This air purifier worked wonders !! I barely ever smell the trash anymore, (which is great concidering i had 3 kids diapers in there yesterday)!! That trash can used to stink so bad!! No need to buy the expensive trash bags anymore! This air purifier is also a good fit for us because it helps with the mold and mildew. Our bathroom has a problem with this and since we painted and have been usig the air purifier in there... it hasn't come back at all!! It was 100.00.. but if you weigh in on the fact that you don't constantly have to buy new filters, you're actually saving money :-)


Brandon, SD


Great little filter


This filter works great. No replacement cartridges to buy or anything. The filter is washable. The UV catalyst bulb hasn't needed replaced yet. The filter system makes the air smell great. We bought this item because I lived in Pittsburgh, one of the cities with the worst air pollution (PM specifically). The air would stink from Clairton Coke works and Edgar Thompson outside but would smell great inside. That is the Allegheny County Health Department's fault. I bought this to protect my family because of my situation. I am an Air Quality Engineer for the PA Department of Environmental Protection. This gets my thumbs up. We have moved away from that dreaded pollution since but still love and use the filter. Another reviewer commented that it was noisy. When the filter is turned higher it is louder. Moving lots of air makes noise and this moves a lot of air.  On a day when the light streams in through a window and you can see dust, you can put this in the room and watch it eat it up.


Greenville, PA


Great deal for the money.


We were looking for a air cleaner that would help with my allergies and the permanet dust problem in our home. Problem is they were either so expensive or, as in the case of the first one we brought home to try, horribly NOISY. This model was a nice package.  Reasonably priced and much quiter than others we had looked at.  It doesn't need an expensive filter and is very easy to clean. I also liked the color.  Most models were black or a sick looking grey. This is a neutral color.  It is also not too big so it can sit in the corner of our small living room without sticking out like a sore thumb. We have this air cleaner for several months now and have been very happy with it.  My allergies are better and  we have seen a huge improvement in our dust problem.  I am not dusting everyday anymore - yeah!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an air cleaner. We purchased ours at Walmart.


Wahpeton, ND


Therapure Air Purifier

4.1 8