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Therapedic  BackSense Mattress

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Best mattress ever!


We recently bought this mattress after having a pillow top mattress for years. We were worried that we would not be able to get used to this Therapedic mattress because it is quite a bit firmer than our old mattress. The first night we slept on this mattress, my husband and I woke up with stiff backs. Our bodies literally hurt. I have to say, I was concerned. The second night, was a whole different story. We both commented that we had the best sleep ever and we felt so refreshed. We have now had this mattress for over a month and it literally has been a blessing to our aches and pains from our sagging pillow top mattress. This bed literally forms to your body. I would highly recommend this mattress and the Therapedic brand. Comfort The bed is firmer than most, but my husband and I feel that the firmness of the mattress has made our body feel so much better. Durability Our old bed would squeak all of the time, and we never imagined it would be from the mattress, however with the new mattress we hardly notice any squeaking, the bed is heavier than our old mattress.



Not so comfy....


Bed seemed to be comfortable when we tested it out at the store. Apparently we needed to test it a bit longer. It is pretty soft on top, but not too soft that it sinks down. It is actually quite firm. We have had this bed for almost two years. In the time we have had it, I have probably only slept on it for a few months, total. I toss and turn most of the night. I have a hard time staying in a comfortable position. When I wake up in the morning, I have an awful pain in my lower back, as if I had been in a back bend all night. My husband can only stand sleeping on it for a few days at a time, before he starts having pain in his mid back. Because of this we have been sleeping on our recliner couches for over a year. Instead of a bed, it has become our laundry sorting area. Needless to say, I would not recommend this bed to anyone. Although it was not terribly expensive, I do not believe I got my monies worth out of it.



therapedic backsence is the best I've ever slept on!


I thought I had a good mattress when I had the King Koil. It started wearing in the middle. It was a good mattress and I'd recommend that too. I went to get a new one. I told the guy I was having some back problems and needed a firm mattress. He took me over to this Therapedic back sense mattress. I laid on it and could feel the pain in my back easing up. I never looked at another mattress. I was sold. I love my mattress still today. My sister has degenerative disc disease. Slept on my mattress and loved it. She said it was the 1st good nights sleep she had in many years. She wanted to take my mattress home with her. Of all the mattresses I tried I'm sold on the Therapedic Duches Backsence Mattress! I had my other sister over to stay a couple weeks. She slept on my mattress and also loved it. A few years back she was in a car accident and broke her back. She had to wear the metal cage as we call it for quite some time. My sisters been over before and complained about the King Koil mattress. After sleeping on my duchess back sence mattress, she told me I did Good. I would recommend this to any one, especially if you have any kind of back problems. It is really just the perfect mattress. It's not hot like I've heard some people say. You wake up and know you got a good nights sleep. I've slept more since I got this mattress than i have in years.

Grove City, OH


Therapedic BackSense Mattress

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