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Therapedic 300 Thread Count Cotton Mattress Pad

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conducts heat


After hearing about my parents complain about their therapedic 300 cotton mattress pad, I would definitely not recommend this product to anyone.  They continuously complained how much it conducted heat.  My dad has a bad back so after researching and trying out several different mattress pads, they finally decided to purchase this therapedic 300 cotton mattress pad.  However, once they slept on it for a few nights and made adjustments in the air circulation and temperature, they were still waking up sweating throughout the night.  They were not happy with this product at all!


Cincinnati, OH


I thought this was a GREAT product!


I thought that this was an awesome product. Very comfortable and very soft. The therapedic 300 cotton mattress pad made my sleep a lot better. My last mattress pad was horrible- and it was hard as a rock. This mattress pad is 100% cotton (which is great for my aunt's sensitive skin). Also, I have tons of dogs, so when they get stains on it while i'm washing the sheets- I have found that the stains come right off! You can even throw it in the washer! I highly recomend this product!


Dacula, GA


these are great


The **Therapedic 300 Cotton Mattress Pad** is a great buy. i have a king size bed and have one on plus an extra. they are comfortable and easy to wash. It was one of the best purchases for my bedding that i have ever made.


Binghamton, NY


good support


the therapedic300 cotton mattress pad is a good pad to lay on to get a good night sleep i have a therapethic bed and it supports my back i would recommend this product to every one because it works for me and i know it will work for you.i know some people think about the price of the product dont think about that ,think about how good you will sleep @ night if you have the right bedding try it out and see for your slf and you will thank me later no more sleepless nights


Satsuma, FL


Protect Your Bed With a Pillow of Comfort


While shopping for a new mattress pad, I found myself faced with a conundrum.  Do you really derive any benefit from a 600-count mattress pad if you only own 300-count sheets?   After giving both the 300-count and 600-count pads a feel, I decided it wouldn't make that much difference either way.  So, I ended up with the **Therapedic 300 Cotton Mattress Pad** made exclusively for Bed, Bath & Beyond department stores. The Therapedic Mattress Pad features a stain protector called Invisi-Shield complete with a Nanotex fabric protector that is like Teflon for your bedding.  The pad also contains anti-microbial treatments to guard against bacterial odors, mold and mildew. There is also a 5-year guarantee on the product, which is almost as long a guarantee as my mattress. The comfortable feel of the mattress pad is achieved with 12 ounces of polyester fiberfill which is 6 times the fill weight of an average pad.  The fiberfill is encased in a puffy diamond pattern, and covered by 100% cotton in a 300-thread count dobby box weave.  Because the pad has the polyfill, you can see the diamond pattern even after the sheets are put on.  But that doesn't bother me at all because it still feels smooth. Another good point of the mattress pad is the "Tailor Fit Enhanced" skirt that expands to fit larger mattresses up to 20 inches.  I had no problem getting the mattress pad on my bed and the elasticized skirt stayed put once it was on the bed.  The only issue is that now I really have to pull and stretch my sheets to get the sheets over the puffy mattress pad. Overall, this is a big improvement over what we used previously.  The **Therapedic 300 Cotton Mattress Pad** provides comfort, protects my mattress, fits securely, and is affordable. 


Chicagoland, IL


Therapedic 300 Thread Count Cotton Mattress Pad

4.2 5