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TheraBreath Mouthwash

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Don't ever stop making this product


This product changed our life. Our entire family uses both the toothpaste and the mouthwash. We don't leave the house without it. It is expensive but works great.

Houston, TX


I can't live without TheraBreath mouthwash


Seriously, this is one of the products I buy a whole case of at a time when it's on sale and keep it in stock. I don't like it when I run out. I rinse once in the morning and once before bed. No more morning breath when I wake up. No more nasty taste in my mouth my midafternoon. No more coating on my tongue even, and that used to get gross and yellow sometimes. Bottom line - if you want fresh breath, this is the stuff.

Los Angeles, CA


TheraBreath Mouthwash is great stuff!


TheraBreath Mouthwash is fantasic stuff. It really helps with bad breath issues. I purchase it to help with some tonsil stone issues I had been having and it helped a little with that, more than anything else I had tried up to that point. If you are looking for a mouthwash to help with bad breath smells originating in your mouth, this stuff will do wonders. My biggest complaints are that first, the stuff is really expensive but you do get what you pay for with this stuff and it isn't necessarily prohibitivly expensive. Second, you may need to use it or other therabreath products frequently to keep the bad breath issues away. For me, I found that using their TheraBreath plus nasal-sinus drops were a more effective alternative for my particular problems. If you haven't tried this stuff yet, try it! But also try their other products to find the best way to treat your personal bad breath problems. Where one product (and they have many!) may help a little another make work wonders. I am so grateful that I found their products. They helped save me, at least for now, from needing surgery to get my tonsils out. (as the tonsil stone I had caused inflamation in my tonsils leading to other problems.)

Idaho Falls, ID


Therabreath toothpaste and mouthwash are incredible


I've been using  the mouth rinse and toothpaste faithfully for a couple of weeks, and all I can say is, I wish I had found these products sooner. They are fantastically effective. Thank you Dr. Katz!

Pine Grove, PA


Clean breath, white teeth and healthy gums all in one product


Dr. Katz says "a bright smile shouldn't hurt!" and I agree.  He gives us a way to keep our breath clean and our teeth white with a gentle, oxygenating formula.  There is no alchohol burn that can hurt our teeth or gums.  We really love it and found it is especially effective for fresh breath and sparkling teeth.  The price for Dr. Katz Therabrite Plus is very reasonable compared to the old product we used to use.

Lafayette, CA


TheraBreath Mouthwash

4.8 5