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Thebalm Staniac Tinted Gel Blush Beauty Queen

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The BEST blush...ever!!


This is the BEST way to use as a blush. THE BEST! It is so sheer and looks like a natural glow! I have had so many difficulties with blush such as it looking cakey, fake and I never find a color that looks good and natural on my face. You just put a few dots along your cheeks and then blend. You can also add more to your liking, and no matter how much you put on, it looks natural. I will never go back to any other blush again. It lasts all day, until I wash it off a night. This was given to me as a sample size from a subscription beauty box, and I am so happy to have been able to use this. You will not be sorry if you purchase this!

Lake In The Hills, IL


Cute Lip Stain


I am pretty happy with my Stainiac Lip Stain. Unlike other stains I have, this one is very liquidy? Kind of watery, which means you have time to move it around your lips before it dries. Sometimes I find that a drawback tho because you can end up with uneven color by the time it dries. Although it's not so watery that it runs off your lips or anything. You just need to be careful, and patient I guess, not to mess with it too much while you are waiting for it to dry. I like to use a lip gloss or even chapstick over the stain to keep my lips moisturized thruout the day. I think this stain works best with a colored lip gloss that tones down the color a bit. It is a little bright pink on me, so I use a gloss that is more red or berry colored and it works really well with this. I have never used it as a cheek stain. I would like to try that, but I think it may be a little too bright for that. I will continue to use it as a lip stain though.

Arvada, CO


Stays on in a monsoon.


In October 2006 we were hit with a major storm that required my family to evacuate for a couple of weeks due to live wires and property damage. I had only my little tube of Stainiac to fix myself up with in the following soggy weeks as we shoveled and hauled wet snow and debris from our home. I didn't sweat it off, and the color didn't fade even after hours of wear. I will recommend a gloss or balm over lips, especially in harsh sun or weather conditions. Otherwise, this is a great little multi-tasker and a terrific product.

Buffalo, NY


The perfect flush!


The ultimate stain for cheeks and lips.  This product is so much easier to apply than other liquidy tints (benetint).  It is more of a gel and it takes a while for it to dry, so you have plenty of time to rub it in.  I highly reccomend this product for both cheeks and lips, though i would suggest applying balm to your lips before using it.

Missoula, MT


Thebalm Staniac Tinted Gel Blush Beauty Queen

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