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Theater II
Theater II Snack Maker Popcorn Popper

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What a fun popcorn maker!


We took this popcorn maker to the family New Year's Eve party. The little kids (who have grown up with only bags of microwave popcorn) had so much fun watching the popcorn pop and accumulate in the popper. The house smelled so good and everyone was anxious to try it. There are only three things I did not like about this popper: 1) You have to be careful to put in no more than the recommended amount of popcorn kernals. The first time my husband used it he poured in too much and it burned. It smelled awful and was difficult to clean. 2) This popcorn machine is just plain hard to clean. There really is no good way to reach all the parts that get dirty. 3) You cannot add flavoring (such as butter) to the kernals before they pop. For me, it is hard to propery season the popped popcorn.

Layton, UT


Forget microwave popcorn - have REAL popcorn!


Growing up, my mom preferred microwave popcorn, and my dad preferred kernel popcorn made with an oil popper. I liked dad's popcorn best - and the High Temperature Theater II Popcorn Popper gives me that wonderful yum yummy popcorn. All you do is add the oil, put in the kernels when it starts smoking, and turn the knob as they pop. Add some butter and salt, and you're golden - ready for movie night! When you're fiished, all you need to do is wipe it clean with a paper towl or swish it with water. The turning knob runs smoothly, and I have yet to burn popcorn in it (I've had it for three years) It's just as fast as microwave popcorn, but tastes so much crisper - and you get to use real butter, however much or little you like - and the same goes for salt. Melted butter at thome is so much better (a better for you) than that movie theater butter, and is lighter in taste. Use vegetable/canola oil, or go with what my dad uses - coconut oil. Yum!

Portland, OR


Theater II Snack Maker Popcorn Popper

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