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TheEssenitalMakeover.com (Extreme Brite White Teeth Whitening System)

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ExtremeBriteWhite or Pro Tooth Whitening System is a Scam!!!!!!!


Do not try a free trial as the shipping and handling came out to $8.23. Then I looked at what I printed from the internet and saw that in 15 days if I didn't cancel I would be charged another $119.41 and then in about 30 days a charge for 39.41 plus 6.85 s&h would show up every 60 days. Pretty expensive. When I called to cancel it was all automated and I felt that the only option was to cut my loss at another $35 charge. Do not do this. It was started with an offer for a free IPAD which I know is not happening!



BEWARE - ExtremeBriteWhite IS A RIPOFF !!!!!!!


**DO NOT TRY THE TRIAL SAMPLE of ExtremeBriteWhite!** **It is not a sample, it is a ripoff.** If you decide to cancel before the 14-day trial period expires, they will ask you to ship the unused portion of the trail sample back to them. If you do, they will charge you **$20.00** (which doesn't include your shipping fee). If you use the entire sample and decide to cancel, they will charge you the full price of **$75.00**. Yep, **$74.99** to be exact. So, if you decide to sample** ExtremeBriteWhite, **be prepared to pay **$75.00** for the free sample. The company can actually exist *if no one ever joins* because they take at least **$20 **or **$75** from each and every person who tries the trail sample. BEWARE!    

Mableton, GA


They'll take you money and run with it


I decided i didn't like my far from white teeth. While searching around on the internet i found a website called ExtremeBriteWhite. i checked out the web site which seemed pretty reliable and decided to try out their 2 week trial. after i received the trial i tried it out, exactly fallowing the directions. to my disappointment it didn't work. Then when i tried to return the product i found out that is was basically impossible to find the address they said to send the product to.....don't be fooled, they will steal your money

Seattle, WA


TheEssenitalMakeover.com (Extreme Brite White Teeth Whitening System)

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