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Great for trying top brands for cheap.


I always stock up here on lots of eye shadow and lip stick around the holidays.They have the best seasonal and holiday sales hands down.The selection of colors for the eye shadow,lipstick,and nail polish is unbelievable.I like purchasing their small sample sizes of top brands like MAC.I try these out and figure out the best products to add to my collection.I go on to purchase the full size version.I love the one cent special too.I always try things out here even if I don't think I will like it.After all it's only a penny.The worst thing about shopping here is how long it takes to process and the transit times.It takes just under two weeks for me to receive the order from the date of placement.I don't really mind since it's so cheap,but still.That's the only disappointment.I am nevertheless a loyal customer and use this site to try the top brands without spending a ton of money.

Springdale, UT




Ok.I am so excited to share with you guys some great information.I came across a site that saes some great pigments and pigment samples called Thebodyneeds.com. This site to me is amazing.The offer authenic not knock off Mac samples for around $1.99 and I think some are $3.99 but they are authenic so if your wanting to try out Mac fluid line,pigments or paints then this is the place to go. Thebodyneeds.com also offers their own brand of beautiful pigemenst full size as well and they are so awesome.The plus side to this side is no fake Macs only dupe brushes which they tell you are dupes so they are very honest. The things I like about their site are the array of colors,which includes lipgloss and cheek colors too.I also like the fact that their easy to navigate and you dont have to pay just by using paypal because Lord knows if your credit card is registered at your husbands paypal account and you both have the same card then you cant add it to yours and that is seriously flawed.I love,love,love the prices.I was able to get 5 pigments 1 Mac and 4 thebodyneeds pigments 5grams for $1.79 a piece.I only paid with tax $14.00 so you can't beat that.One of the pigments may have been a dollar or two more.The things I dislike about the site is the shipping it starts at $4 dollars and something and goes up.I think it should be a flat rate instead of different rates because it would just be alot better.Would I recommend this site? Yes!!! So go check them out anD i hope you like my review.

Hickory, NC



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