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The Stick
The Stick Original Fitness Stick

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An Excellent Stick For Stretching


Years ago I purchased a stretch stick that had a couple of small bends in it; it was something that I used every single day to stretch and to make sure that I was doing basic movements evenly. Over time the foam padding on the ends of the stick started to crack and eventually started falling off in clumps. When I saw this in a sports store I knew that it would be a suitable replacement even though it didn't have the bends in it. I use this when I am stretching so that I can keep my back perfectly aligned as well as when I need a little bit of guidance when I am doing weigh-free squats. This only weighs about two pounds so it isn't hard to handle but it can help you when you are twisting or turning and are worried that you aren't symmetrical. It can help when you are stretching to loosen up before a workout or when you are doing weight-free exercises to tone your muscles or sculpt your body. I have seen people add weights to these but it always seemed extremely dangerous to try to balance them. If you think you are going to need something with weight you are better off buying a regular weight lifting bar that has the treads on the end so you can lock the weight plates in place. In hindsight I wish I would have shopped around a little and purchased The Stick kit that comes with some extra items; I don't regret purchasing the basic stick but if I had known that there was a deluxe kit / version available I would have looked into getting that instead of the basic version. If you are looking for a way to stretch a little easier, are doing physical therapy or want to have a way to perfect stretching techniques, this is an excellent product to research but if you think you are going to want to add weights to it at some point then the kit version will be a much more effective product to get.



The Stick Original Fitness Stick

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