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The Step2 Company
The Step2 Company Koala Climber

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Super fun and durable


My husband came home with this when I sent him to the store for a different (smaller and cheaper) toy.  Our daughter was maybe 6 months old?  Anyway, it was way too big for her at that time, but she did enjoy "cruising" around it. When she was a little older I put a couch cushion under/behind it so that she could start to climb on it, but the slide was off limits. Now that she's almost 2 she can't get enough of it!  She likes to climb on/around it and slide down over and over (sometimes headfirst).  She also loves to roll her toys down it to see what happens. It was a little tough to put together - you really need a rubber mallet.  But it didn't take very long and we were actually able to get it apart when we moved and put it back together in our new house.  The only complaint I would have is that it doesn't fit through the playroom/office/guest room door, so once it's in a room that's where it's staying.  Also, it's bright and plastic, but that kind of goes with having kids. 

North Pole, AK


The Step2 Company Koala Climber

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