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The St. Paul Travelers

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Decent Prices-Website Access-Easy Payment Plans-Discounts


I have been with The Travelers Group/St Paul for almost 10 years.  We have our homeowners policy through them paid via escrow with our mortgage, an auto policy and an umbrella liability policy.  Since we have all these policies with them we get a discount on each one.  Our homeowners policy gets paid in full but our auto gets paid on a monthly installments but since we allow them to pull from our checking account it doesn't cost us a payment fee therefore we save more money.  I check every two years or so to see if we can get better rates and last year when I checked they were still the cheapest.  I compared rates from Progressive, Erie and State Farm and Travelers was still significantly cheapers.  Also about 5 years ago my husband had an accident where he was hit and the car was destroyed.  Travelers claim adjuster showed up the day after the accident, less than 24 hours after the accident, and we had a check in hand in under 10 days and then they went after the other party. When I thought our home was insured for too much, economy and all, they allowed me to lower it to what I wanted it to and then sent out an appraiser who appraised it for close to what I asked it to be lowered to and I didn't have to pay anything for the appraisal and they even sent me a copy of it.  cheap prices, fast claims, what else can you ask for...wait I know...access to your policies online-yep I have that too through them. 


Owings Mills, MD


Great Insurance.


I have been a customers of Travlers insurance for about 6 years. They are a great company. I've quoted aroung recently trying to see if there was something less, but Travelers is still the lowest. And I get a discount for having my homeowners with them too. It's also great that I can check my policy online. I save myself a stamp by going to the website and paying there. Paying either with my card or account. The info is saved there which is great, I don't have to keep putting the information in there. I believe I can also print some of my policy papers. You can't make changes on the website, have to call them in. But I don't really make changes so that is not really that inportant to me. I guess the one thing that maybe I wish they did and maybe they will in the future, is go papaerless. I'm very environmentall conscious and I wouldn't have a problem just checking my bills online and stuff. It would save me and them money as well as lots of trees.  


Falls Church, VA


Love it - great product, local agent


Love Travelers, they've been a stable force in the personal lines market forever.  I also like the a bility to do  business with a local independent agent.  Travelers seems to have it all for me, they have a nice interactive website, but also deal with independent agents, which is extremely important when you have a claim problem and/or billing issue.  I'm in the business, but only deal with commercial lines, so I'm a particularly critical purchaser when it comes to insurance.  I would heartily recommend Travelers to anyone, anytime.  They are managing to combine the best of both worlds with their online services combined with their use of the independent agency marketing force and service system.  They are financially stable in an uncertain economic time, which is also an extremely important factor to consider when purchasing a financial service.


Gaffney, SC


The St. Paul Travelers

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