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SpaDepot.com totally took the ahhhhh out of my spa.


**UPDATED May, 2010 -** This review used to be titled "Spa Depot puts the ahhhhh in my spa".  That was before their "expert" spa specialists led me to place an incorrect order for a spa cover and caused me to waste $300. The economy has been very hard on my family but we have skrimped and saved to keep our spa as it's a great source of relaxation.  Our cover wore out and became waterlogged about a year ago and got to the point where I couldn't even lift one side at all so we decided to spend the money to get a new cover.  And, of course, Spa Depot was the first place I thought of as I knew I'd get the best price and a good product. So I carefully measured my spa several times and sent in the order.  Later I got an email stating that my measurements were reversed.  How they knew this from 2,000 miles away, I don't know, but I called to speak to one of their specially trained spa "experts" who told me that the diagram on their site is the reverse of my spa (again how they know is beyond me) so I measured with her on the phone, told her what my current cover looked like and she told me that my measurements were incorrect.  The order was changed to the new measurements we discussed over the phone. So last week the cover came in and it's the opposite of what I wanted.  I am so angry. I have wasted $300 that I really didn't have to spend on a product that doesn't fit!  When I spoke with customer service they told me that they made the cover according to the measurements I submitted and that's the end of the story.  So even though I originally submitted the correct measurements but their "expert" led me to believe I was wrong, they take zero responsibility at all for this error.  The process for measuring is very confusing - so confusing that the "experts" at Spa Depot can't even get it right.  The very rude customer service person who "assisted" me by telling me to reverse my measurements couldn't even get it right, so how could the average consumer get it right? I an absolutely sick over this.  My spa used to be the one thing that cheered me up when I was down, calmed me down when I was stressed, and I looked forward to using it.  Now I just want to either drown myself in it or blow the whole thing up.  I can't even look at it without breaking into tears.  I'm so upset over the fact that I was right to begin with, I wasted $300, and I cannot even bear to look at my spa. Spa Depot has great prices, fast, reasonable shipping, and a great selection.  I used to order every few months to stock up on chemicals and would probably still do a great job of fulfilling those types of orders, but I'll never know. Spa Depot used to be the first company to which I turned for all my spa needs but due to this issue that they refuse to take even 1% of the responsibility for, they have lost my trust and therefore have lost me as a customer.  So I've updated this review to reflect this terrible experience and I've told everyone I know that Spa Depot cannot be trusted to stand by their products, will not accept responsibility for the incorrect statements made by their customer service reps, and have been fairly unresponsive to this issue. I sent an email and left a voice message which were ignored so apparently the case is closed.  We didn't even get an "I'm sorry that you're disappointed and frustrated".  It was just you're wrong, we're right, case closed.  I expected so much more from a smaller, non national chain store.   **My original review from 2007 is as follows.  I obviously no longer recommend Spa Depot as their "expert" advice led me astray and I got hosed in the process.  You'd probably be OK if you're just ordering chemicals and filters, but I wouldn't trust them for any pricey or custom orders AT ALL:** A few years ago we bought a spa for our backyard deck.  We have stressful jobs and work long hours so we love to relax in the hot water with all those massaging jets.  Only thing I don't like is that the filters can get expensive.  And when we first set the spa up I had some water issues that caused me to have to trash two filters within the first month.  At $75 each I was upset about having to replace the filters so soon as they should last a long time.  That's when I started shopping online and found SpaDepot.com sells the filters I need for nearly half the price.  Yay! Spa Depot has been in business since 1997 and carries supplies for both spas and swimming pools.  They have everything from filters and chemicals to accessories and toys.  I generally place two orders a year.  Each time I get a filter and stock up on all the chemicals I need to clean the filters and for cleaning the spa and, sanitizing,testing and conditioning the water. Although there are several spa stores in my area, Spa Depot's prices and selection are much better even after the handling fee is added.  There is a spa store about 8 miles from here but they're only open until 5pm during the week and are closed on Sundays.  So when I'm ready to shop, they're closed.  SpaDepot charges only $3.95 handling fee on orders under $100.  For orders over $100 shipping is completely free.  My last order was fairly large and heavy yet all I paid for delivery was $3.95 and my order was delivered within 3-4 days.  The site is busy and not much to look at, however it is well organized and easy to navigate.  I am easily able to find exactly the supplies I need and check out quickly.  And they always send me a free gift with my purchase.  One time it was measuring spoons, another was measuring cups.  One time I got a free set of rubber duckies and this time I got a free cleaning sponge. Sometimes I have questions about products I'm considering purchasing so I go to the Care Guide or the SpaClopedia on the site and my questions are always answered.  I've never had any trouble shopping with Spa Depot.com. I'm a happy customer and will continue to shop there as long as I have a spa or pool. 

Annapolis, MD


The Spa Depot

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