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The Sili Company
The Sili Squeeze

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The best invention since squeezie pouches!


This is an awesome product that every parent needs. Great for babies who like to hold their own food but cannot use utensils. These are refillable with whatever baby food you use. We actually made our own baby food for the most part. I would try spoon feeding the little guy and he would grab the spoon and make a huge mess. So we started to use The Sili Squeeze and he could do it himself. You fill it with whatever baby food you want. They have 2 different lid styles for younger babies with a slower flow and a larger hole for bigger babies and toddlers. To clean all you do is remove from the squeezy and take apart the lid and throw it all into the dishwasher. But be sure not to drop the lid into the garbage disposal like we did. But if you loose or destroy the nipples you can purchase new ones. We have 2 Sili squeezes now because every time my niece and nephew come over they have to have theirs as well. They come in several different colors now too!




The Sili Squeeze

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