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The Sharper Image
The Sharper Image 1617290 Wrinkle-Free Portable Steamer

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Easy to Use, Easy to Store


This steamer is a great option for someone with limited room in their apartment and their budget. I don't have a huge amount of closet space so my clothes usually wind up wrinkled (even on the hanger). This steamer is easier to refill and to operate than the larger ones I've used. It's great for erasing last minute wrinkles before work, but it will leak when held at certain angles which takes some getting used to. Performance This steamer warms up quickly (in less than 5 minutes and it's ready to go) and can tackle linen, cotton, chiffon, and synthetic materials. It's spout is also great for adding creases or pleats to skirts and pants. Safety This is a great steamer for someone who has pets or family members who like to get underfoot. I've burned my fingers using other steamers, but this model doesn't get hot enough to be dangerous. That said, it takes a little longer to tackle wrinkles than a more powerful steamer. Ease of Cleaning Because of it's size, this steamer is easy to disassemble. I wash out the water tank in the kitchen sink and wipe the rest down with a clorox wipe. Ease of Use The size and shape of the steamer make it much easier to use than upright models with larger water tanks and awkward hoses. However, it will leak if tilted too far to either side which can be irritating if you're trying to steam tricky areas or bulky items. Design This steamer does drip and leak at certain angles - both on the floor and on clothes. This can be a major hassle if you're running late for school or work. Keeping the water tank about a quarter of the way full reduces almost all of the leakage.



This Portable Steamer is Much Sharper than an Iron!


I have never been one to iron or steam my clothes out - I just hate it! When it came time for me to go away to college, my mom thought I should bring a small steamer to my dorm room for my nice clothes. Did I use it?? Of course not! But one day, a few years later, I was desperate and I finally took this little **Sharper Image Portable Steamer** out of the box. It is SO easy to use, I couldn't believe it! You just open up the top, pour in a bit of water to the line, and plug it in. I usually just steam in my bathroom against the door. It only takes a few minutes to heat up. You'll know it's ready when it starts to steam. After a few times, all of the wrinkles are magically gone. Just be sure not to put it too close to your clothes, or you'll get water spots. I would also recommend emptying the water in between uses to avoid build up. I'd definitely recommend this handy little steamer. Everyone should get one!!

Chicago, IL


Sharper image's fabric steamer really works quickly


I love my sharper image fabric steamer it is one of those luxury items that i own because it works smoothly fighting wrinkles and the steamer heats so quickly so that you do not have to wait, I found out it works on curtains as well diminishing wrinkles.  The steamer is lightweight so it doesnt hurt your arms holding it and very portable you can pack this item very quickly and use while traveling or on vacation.  I used mine several times on shirt that i didnt feel like ironing and got very good results and that is a very big plus to me because i hate ironing clothes.  The little fabric steamer produces so much steam you think you are using a professional steamer, also you can see how much water you put in it because it has a pretty good size container that is see through unlike my old steamer so i know exactly how much water i have left in it before it runs out, I personally feel that this product is so portable and cute and effecient . I really like it! The plastic is so light weight that it is made of you will love steaming your clothes with it, I like to use my on tshirt as well so it doesnt fade my shirts and i get longer wear now out of my tshirts.

Hot Springs, VA


The Sharper Image 1617290 Wrinkle-Free Portable Steamer

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