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The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd.
The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. Tea Rose

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A true rose smell in a bottle.


This is a very ROSE smelling perfume. If you like a true tea rose fragrance, you will love this. It lasts a very long time. I find it is too strong and pure a note to enjoy for a perfume, but I love to put it in my bath, and scent my clothing and sheets with it. I have worn it as a perfume, but it is not that complex a fragrance and with the single very strong note, can be cloying.

Rome, GA


Tea Rose is great!


I have been using Tea Rose for over 20 years.  It is my signiture scent.  All my friends know when I am coming and have told me they love the smell.  I saw someone I hadn't seen for 5 years and she said "Oh you still smell the same"  It was a good compliment.

Peabody, MA


Tea Rose is a perfect rose scent!


I purchased Tea Rose because I love the smell of rose blossoms. This is a true rose perfume. There are no layers. The top, middle and bottom notes are rose. It is long lasting (so rare in these days of  "time to respray"), fresh and will fit well for work, play or an elegant evening on the town. Spray Tea Rose just before dressing and you will gracefully carry a laurel of baby roses throughout your day. I had so many people smile as they passed me. You are not overwhelmed by this scent nor are the people around you. You smell clean, like a garden after a soft spring rain. The best way to know you have a nice scent is having others like the way you smell. I was in the elevator (very small) at the mall with a mom and her twins, sweet girls about seven, they both kept inching closer to me as the elevator moved up. The doors opened and as they left they turned to me and offered "You smell like a pretty flower." My husband who is not a perfume fan has started to call me his Indian Rose. If you are looking for a true scent, not 14 odors mixed together, then I highly recommend Tea Rose. It is affordable, well packaged, available in a 4 ounce spray and will allow you to smell fresh, soft and sexy.

Myakka City, FL


The Perfumer's Workshop Ltd. Tea Rose

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