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The Paleo Diet

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Not worth the Risk


The Paleo diet is also called the caveman diet because it is designed with foods that can be hunted or found in nature, resembling the diet of people in Paleolithic times. The diet has some strong points, since it does eliminate processed foods and other unhealthy choices. But there are also a lot of negative points to note as well. You eat a lot of protein while on the diet, and there are risks to the health. Another disafanvatge of the diet is that isreally hard to follow all of the guidelines, and when you do it can be expensive. The paleo diet does have advantages but there are also a lot of disadvantages as well. It is always best to talk to your doctor before starting this diet plan. Effectiveness Yu can certainly lose weight and feel better using the Paleo diet Side Effects There can be a number of side effects associated with the use of the Paleo diet. Some people feel they don't get enough to eat and others cite that there are health problems.

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A horrible diet that does not teach you the correct way to eat.


This diet was terrible, is terrible. I would not recommend anyone go on this diet. I was only on it for short period and that was because it cut out whole sections of food. I could only eat veggies and lean meat. This killed my digestive system and I was constantly running to the bathroom. Plus, I felt starved constantly. I could not eat any dairy or grains, which are a necessary part of gaining calcium and energy. I talked to my doctor about this diet and she vehemently asked me not to continue on it because of the risk to my body by denying it necessary nutrients. I was even on a multivitamin and my body felt weak and tired from lack of nutrients. I would get lightheaded throughout the day from not eating enough. I did lose weight, but this is another diet that I gained all the weight back once I started bringing the carbohydrates and dairy back into my eating habits. The Paleo diet is not worth the time and effort I put into it.



A great diet plan for those who struggle with moderation


I have been following this diet plan for about ten months. I had been eating healthier, less processed foods for a few years so it was not a radical change for me. The most difficult thing for me to eliminate was dairy. I love cheese and it is hard to give up. Once or twice a week, I usually have some sort of a cheat meal. If we go out to eat, I generally order whatever I want and don't stick to the plan. As long as I go right back to the paleo way of eating, then I am able to maintain my weight easily. One of the reasons I love this diet, is that I don't have to count calories or anything else. I just eat good, nutritious food and don't worry about all the numbers. Moderation was always difficult for me with other diet plans. It is very easy for me to blur the lines between moderation and excess, but I don't have to worry about that with the paleo diet. Effectiveness This diet has helped me to lose about five pounds and maintain that weight loss very easily. Side Effects I didn't notice many negative side effects of this diet. My skin is a lot clearer when I am not eating dairy and overall I have more energy and feel better. I did experience excess gas while sticking to this diet 100% of the time. I think it was due to the high amounts of fruits and vegetables I was eating. Ease of Use I found this diet easy to follow. I printed out a cheat sheet that contained all of the allowable foods in the diet. I put this in my wallet to help me as I went grocery shopping. After a few months, I didn't really need the sheet anymore and just knew the things I could eat. The only thing that was difficult on this diet is the amount of time it takes to cook every meal from scratch. When you are not eating processed food, there is a lot more work that goes into preparation.



This is the best thing I have ever done!


I cannot speak high enough of this diet! It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. This diet is known as the "cave man" diet. You basically eat only natural foods that can be grown from the ground or meat from an animal. When I first thought about the diet, I thought I would be really limited on what I could eat. However, I like my meals more now that I do this diet. It is loaded with fruits and vegetables. The meats you can eat are endless. Eggs are also a big staple for me in this. The hardest thing for me to give up was dairy. You also cannot eat grains. However, I have felt better than I ever felt in my entire life on this diet. My body went through a short detox and then sprang to life. I have more energy than before and it has totally cured my migraines. I highly recommend this diet for health benefits and an all over healthier lifestyle. Effectiveness I lost weight and my migraines were completely cured. It is incredibly effective. Side Effects I have experienced no negative side effects on this. Ease of Use It is hard to give up dairy and grains. You also have to cook a lot more with this diet but it is completely worth it.



The Paleo Diet

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