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The PINK Method

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Lots of cardio=not the diet for me.


This diet made me feel stupid. I am not even sure why I bought the kit. I already knew how to eat well, so following the guidelines was not hard. It was the exercise that got me. I have a bad back and at the time, I tried this, it was not as bad as it is now. The exercise was still way too much for me to handle. Also, the trainers all look like they just rolled out of an exercise pageant. They are all clad in pink and made me feel completely insignificant. The first phase called for little caloric intake, which is terrible for my body, so I did not last very long. I really did try, but this diet was way too difficult for me. I only tried it out after finding during some diet research online. If you are an extreme dieter and love working out, this is the diet for you. If you are a casual dieter and only work out a little bit, do not go on this diet. It will definitely be a waste of time and of money for you.



The PINK Method

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