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The Original Pink Box
The Original Pink Box 26" 5 Drawer 18G Steel Rolling Pink Tool Cabinet


This Pink 26" 5 Drawer Rolling Cabinet keeps your tools secure while lending a splash of color to your work space.

The Original Pink Box® the exceptional Pink Tool brand!

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Adorable and sturdy!


When we moved into our house, there were two toolboxes left behind by the former owners. There was a green one like this product, and there was this product. My husband was going to sell this one but I laid claim to it immediately due to the color. It was cute, sturdy, and just what I needed. For a while, I used it for household tools, and sewing materials such as extra needles, fabric patterns, scissors, and sewing machine parts. When I later got a new sewing cabinet and moved my tools to a smaller box, I was left with finding something to store in this. I realized I had no room for my makeup and makeup brushes and thought I could use this. It worked perfectly. Toolboxes like this are perfect for makeup organization. It fits nicely in the corner between the wall and my dresser. If something breaks, the cleanup off the metal is easy. Toolboxes aren't only for metal tools! The drawers are easy to move in and out, the aluminum drawer pulls are attached solid whereas with others I've seen them fall off. The five drawers provide ample storage. I still use the bottom drawer for the Pink Box tool sets and some appliance manuals. I've had this a long time and it show no signs of wear. I would buy another one if the need ever arises.



cute and functional


Okay let's start off with the obvious here, this is so cute! It's a hot pink color that screams girl. Whoever thinks tools and garages are a mans domain has clearly never laid eyes on this tool cabinet. When you take away the vibrant color, you are left with a very functional tool cabinet. It's on wheels so you can move it around whenever you want to. With a bar handle on one side, it is very easy to roll and maneuver into any kind of space you want. The wheels have a locking mechanism so that once you have this tool cabinet in place, you don't have to worry about it moving on you no matter how hard you may slam the drawers shut. You get five drawers of varying sizes with this cabinet, with the option of locking them to make sure everything is safe and secure. On the top of the cabinet two sides are slanted upwards so if you have any stray screws or anything they won't go rolling off, a feature I've found helpful. This is a little pricey, but such a fun color it may be worth it.



The Original Pink Box 26" 5 Drawer 18G Steel Rolling Pink Tool Cabinet

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