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The Original Pink Box
The Original Pink Box 26" 3 Drawer Pink Top Chest


This pink 26-inch 3-drawer chest keeps your tools secure while adding a splash of color to your workspace. Heavy-duty construction makes this stylish storage chest appropriate for a variety of applications, both at home and in the most demanding professional environments. Use as a standalone unit or accessorize with other The Original Pink Box tool boxes (such as the PB218MC or PB2605R). Fill it with our line of The Original Pink Box tools, such as the 12oz Hammer (PB12HM), 5-Piece Pliers Set (PB5PL), 6-Piece Screwdriver Set (PB6SD), or try the 30-piece tool set in a handy 12" tool bag (PB30TBK)!

The Original Pink Box® the exceptional Pink Tool brand!

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The best tool chest for a woman's garage!


My kids got this for me for my birthday because I had been hinting around that I needed something more organizing to put my tools in. As a single mom, I do a lot of DIY projects because it saves me money and is empowering to be quite honest! I love this tool chest for many reasons but my number one reason is that it is in my favorite color, pink! Aside from the innovative color options, the three drawers are just the right amount of storage space for the amount of tools I have. Has great space to organize my wrenches, hammers, nails and screws, etc. The drawers slide in and out with ease. I also love that although it's built super durable it is very lightweight and easy to transport, especially with the side handle feature. I also like the lock feature since I do have a toddler running around the house. That was one big reason I wanted a tool chest such as this one because it always made me nervous that my little one would find my tools and get hurt. Best birthday present I've gotten in years, hands down!



The Original Pink Box 26" 3 Drawer Pink Top Chest

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