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The Original Makura
The Original Makura Buckwheat Traditional Pillow

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Would not buy


Ordered this pillow as this was my first buckwheat pillow over 30 years ago. Thought it was still a good company however, after 8 days from date of order and many calls and emails to track my shipment. No response. Was advised shipper has had issue with this company. Cancelled the order and reordered from Buckwheat Therapy. Quality service, no shipping charge and received within 2 days. Also, included dry lavender sachet




Different - Not For Everyone


I read that buckwheat pillows have been used for generations in Japan and are considered the best pillow, so I had to try it. This pillow is different than any other pillow---it is filed with buckwheat pellets. I've tried and it may work for some people, but I found the pellets to be a bit too hard for my head. The buckwheat pillow is filled with small pellets that are a bit bigger than rice. The pellets mold into a position so they provide a lot of structure. I tried sleeping with it for a few weeks, but I decided it was too hard on my neck. I now use the pillow as a couch cushion because the pellets do feel very good against my back. If I'm sitting on my couch, it kind of gives my back a semi-massage as I sit and I really do like the pillow for that use. Also my two cats just love lying on this pillow--I think they enjoy the firmness. If you want a pillow that is very firm, this may work for you, but if you really want a cushion for your head, I don't think it works great. I think my other problem is that I move around too much at night. I start with a comfortable position, but then I shift. They say these pillows last forever, so that is a big plus




Expensive But Not Comfortable


I paid a lot of money for two pillows. It felt as though I was sleeping on a bag of beans. The pillows were hard, noisy, and although I gave it a long time to see if I would adjust to it, I never could, Would NOT recommend this to anyone.


Fort Myers, FL


From The Manufacture


As I read these post, I would like to say Thank you for the Good Feedback! Also [www.TheOriginalMakura.com][1]  strives on Quality and Great customer service. I would like to alert everyone on this Blog that the picture shown is not the Original Makura Pillow, this is Wheat Dreams Pillow. The Original Makura has been around for over 21 years and till this day is known for its Aid in Helping people with Chronic Neck and Back pain. I to find the pillows Crunchy and alittle Noisy but after a few Nights its not Noticable. After the Great nights sleep you recieve,these pillows by far are the Best on the Market. Me and my kids sleep with one every night and we wouldnt leave home without ours either. [1]: http://www.theoriginalmakura.com/


Garden City, KS


Different, but sleep very sound with this pillow, nice price.


We had to use use to the noise, but we slept very good and sound on these pillow.  I would recommend these to friends and family.  The price is good.  We used these pillows for years, they are long lasting.  Very good value and very healthy.


Cedar Rapids, IA


noisy, uncomfortable and bleeds brown when it gets wet


My husband saw this pillow at the As Seen on TV store and had to have it.  It was a little pricey and not something I would have wasted my money on but he's always trying new pillows so I curiously monitored his experience with a pillow he insisted would be his best pillow ever and "well worth the money." The box it came in was heavy and seemed to hold a brick, not a pillow.  When he pulled it out of the box, he tried to hide his disappointment with the fact that it was the size of a leprechaun's head, not nearly the normal size for a pillow.  We picked out the smallest pillowcase we own and still had to fold the case over in half because this pillow is less than 50% of normal pillow size.  The feel of the pillow doesn't seem to stiff on your hand but it quickly becomes stiff and solid when your head nearly covers the whole pillow.  It's was very noisy, even for me and I didn't sleep on it.  I can only imagine how loud it was to have your ears against it all night.  The last straw was when his sweat caused the pillow to leak brown stuff.  He not only threw away the pillow but we also had to throw away the pillowcase when we couldn't get the stains out.


Pensacola, FL


Just what we needed


My husband and I were both having some neck problems with other pillows and tried many, many different ones.  But when my hubby started having so many allergy problems as well, we heard about the Makura Buckwheat Traditional Pillows from a friend.  He had one and could not say enough about it to help with his breathing from allergy problems as well as the comfort for his neck.  So I searched until I could find one for my husband, bought it and he has not used anything but Buckwhet Pillows since then.  And he has convinced me to start using one myself.  We have now used at least five of these pillows, replacing them only after we have worn them treadbare.  I even made small silklike pillowcases to go over them to help with temperature control.  The are smaller than normal pillows but you only need enough to go under your head so it seems to be just the right size for your head to lay or roll from side to side without rolling off the pillow.  We have not been as comfortable with any other pillow that we have used in the past 38 years.


Flint, TX




My husband first saw these pillows on an infomercial, years ago, when we were first married. I laughed at him for getting "conned" and figured it was just a passing thing. Well, that Christmas, we recieved 2 pillows from his mother, and let me tell you...I cannot LIVE without them. I have recieved compliments from nurses when I took them with me when giving birth to my 3 children...they go on us with every trip. They support you nicely, conforming to how you want them. They are warm in the winter, cool in the summer. I like how they smell! We had to use different cases, since we have had them so long. I am sure it is time to replace them, but I will definately buy them again!


Harrisburg, PA


Crunchy buckwheat is no fun to sleep on. Bypass this pillow.


**The Original Makura Buckwheat Traditional Pillow** is one of the least comfortable pillows ever!**About this Pillow **This pillow is a standard sized one that *looks* like a normal, everyday pillow. But it is far from that! Inside the white case are a whole bunch of hard, thin buckwheat hulls. These are supposed to be good for a host of medical conditions and the hulls are supposed to mold to your head and neck giving you a perfect night's sleep. Enough with the comedy. The actuality is this pillow crunches. You lie on it, it crunches. You move, it crunches. It's like sleeping on dry Rice Crispies. The pillow is very heavy. Used as a weapon, it would really hurt even a tough guy. Used as a bed pillow, it could really interfere with your sleep. The crunching is bad, but the hulls poking out and scratching you is ever worse. To its credit, the pillow does conform somewhat to your head and shoulders and doesn't overheat in summer. But then it smells in the summer. And if you have any sort of outdoor allergies like I do, forget it. You'll sneeze all night long. I know it says the pillow is hypoallergenic but I guess my allergies are stronger than the process to eliminate the allergens. The covering that comes with it is just a thin, completely sewn on one. You can buy special pillow covers for this product and I suggest you do if you have a notion to go natural and try buckwheat at bedtime. The makers claim that **The Original Makura Buckwheat Traditional Pillow** is great for a long host of ailments including neck and back injuries, TMJ, insomnia, whiplash, arthritis, and even snoring. I can see that. If you never can fall asleep, you can never snore! **Conclusion** I tried. I really tried. I slept on the pillow for three weeks, ignoring the crunching and stiffness and trying to find a way to be comfortable. However, the pillow was just too hard, too weird, and too loud for me. I passed it onto my son who'll sleep on anything, and he used it until it got wet. Once that happened, it emitted a terrible odor and we had to toss it out. ****I'll stick with my memory foam pillows. Even if they don't work well for my ongoing neck injury, they don't sound like I am cracking my teeth and bones when I move my head at night. Those sounds are scary when you're half-asleep! 1 crunchy star!


The heart of , NY


The Original Makura Buckwheat Traditional Pillow

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