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The Organic Pharmacy
The Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Lipstick in Nude

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Such a great color for a natural look, but so noticable.


I love this color, since I am very fair skin toned, it tones down the skin color of my face. It's wonderful how it glides across my lips oh-so sufficiently. It doesn't chunk off onto my lips like my current lipstick (it's all I had!). The cap clicks on well, and the lipstick is easy to grasp. Easy to twist up. Doesn't smell bad. It's organic! Lasts about four hours. Goes with about every shade of eye shadow! It's such a great product to me!

Inkster, MI


Organic Glam Lipstick in Nude is out of sight


Organic Glam Lipstick is out of this world.First or all what i like about it the most is that it is organic. I am a health conscious person. the nude color is just right for my skin color ,I do not need another type of lipstick this one is perfect.Organic Glam Lipstick is the number one lipstick in my book,Because it stays true to it color all day long i do not have to put it on all day like i have to do most lipsticks that loses it color in a couple of hours,THis lipstick is outstanding in the way that it just holds up The price is right compared to other lipsticks that i have used especially considering that it is an organic lipstick you would think that it would cost a lot more than brands that are not organic this is another plus.I love to wear it It goes well with anything iam wearing for that day i do not need any other color which is great because i like to wear products that goes well with what ever iam wearing try it.

Mobile, AL


The Organic Pharmacy Organic Glam Lipstick in Nude

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