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The Honest Company
The Honest Company Bug Spray

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Our go to bug spray!


After researching what chemicals many bug sprays have in them, and the potential concerns and issues with utilizing these ingredients, my husband and I decided to take a more environmentally friendly, all natural approach. With that being said, we tried countless amounts of bug spray and most of them ended up with our children having more mosquitos hovering around them, until we tried the honest company's bug spray. I would easily say that the honest company offers the best all natural bug spray out there, and while the occasional mosquito still bites them, the product works really well overall. I would highly recommend this bug spray to others out there! Effectiveness There are still a few occasional bug bites but that is expected with all bug sprays. Ease of Application You just spray it on like every other bug spray out there. Scent It smells very natural and botanical. You can wear this product all day without smelling like bug spray. We even use it on my son who has eczema and it doesn't irritate his skin.



Keeping the bugs away and lungs healthy


I must have very sweet children since mosquitos seem to really like them. I was thrilled to try out the Honest Company Bug Spray. I hate using chemical filled spray on my kids, but want something that works. I'm in love with this spray as it is something I can keep in our bag and doesn't cover the kids in a cloud of fumes. Effectiveness Keeps the bugs away but needs to be reapplied to continue to be effective. Ease of Application Fantastic! This is a spray bottle that comes out in a very fine mist that is reminiscent of an aerosol. Took only a few squirts to get my kids covered. I did feel the spray on my skin for quite a while after applying. Scent Very light scent that doesn't really last on the children.

Lansing, MI


The Honest Company Bug Spray

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