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The FreshAire Choice
The FreshAire Choice Interior Paint

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Crappy paint, but good idea


I wanted to be able to paint and use the room immediately afterwards so I was looking for a low or no odor paint. It was a last minute painting project and I was crunched on time before the apartment would be shown for an empty house. I've used a lot of different kinds of paints and consider myself to know a bit about them, so when I saw one that was being marketed as a high quality paint that had no yucky paint smell I jumped at the chance to buy it. It mixed well with the color I chose for them to mix it, and it looked pretty good when I first opened the can to start painting. The paint was thick but not too thick, so that was a nice plus. However it didn't cover as well as I thought it would and ended up looking pretty streaky when I was finished painting. Not only that but the paint started peeling fairly quickly. The non fume claim did ring true, it was nice to be able to paint with a paint that didn't stink up the apartment. So I do give them a four out if ten because of that. If they made better quality of paint then they would get a better score.



best paint!


This is an exceptional brand of paint and I hope to see it's popularity rise. My house is filled with professional grade Ben Moore, Glidden, etc. This paint blew our minds, really good coverage and the colors are so pure and very special. My favorite room in the house. I used the tranquil pond.

Arlington, TX


FreshAire allows you to use the room right away without smell.


FreshAire is a excellent paint to use when you have small children in the house and you're worried about the fumes.  There are no fumes, so it's safe for children to even help paint!  You wouldn't know you had just painted - no smell and it looks great on the walls!

Madison, WI


The FreshAire Choice Interior Paint

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