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Convertible Car Seats
The First Years
The First Years True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat

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Great Carseat!


I think that this is a great car seat. It is easy to use and very user friendly. The anti rebound bar is a nice feature to have, and makes me feel that it is safer than other car seats. I love that it has built in lock offs. Another nice feature is the really plush infant padding. I used this carseat from birth with my second daughter. I don't like to use infant carriers, so when I was looking for a seat that would fit a newborn, this one definitely fit the bill. We used it with our newborn for sometime, and now we use it forward facing for my older daughter who is three in my husband's car. Its actually easier to install forward facing than it is to install rearfacing. It is a great carseat that will last a long time for multiple ages. I really do recommend it. Ease of Installation Built in lock offs make it so easy! Child's Comfort Nice plush seat. Support and Safety The antirebound bar is a great safety feature. Durability Has held up well the last 3 years.



very happy with The True Fit car seat


My daughter outgrew her infant seat very fast (5 months) and we needed a convertible to last us next few years. We have a different brand with our oldest but it wasnt a rear facing so we had to start search. I found this seat for a very reasonable price and below my limit to spend. I was nervous after reading so many reviews about hard to install and use(people say you cant tighten and loosen straps in rear facing) but a few stood out. READ THE BOOK BEFORE STARTING! The manual tells you everything to make sure it is done correctly and easily. Not 5 mins I had it in car and can loosen and tighten straps with ease. My daughter stopped crying in the car and seemed way more comfortable. Would definitely buy again if Im ever in the market again.

Orlando, FL


First Years True Fit Premier-Safety and Comfort and its best


As my little guy was reaching the maximum height level for his infant carrier car seat, I began doing a LOT of research about what would be the best car seat for him to transition into.  Things that were important to me were that it was side-impact tested, ease of use, and especially that it could allow my son to ride rear-facing for the longest time possible.  Since my son is tall and skinny, I wanted a car seat with a super tall shell, but one that would also be compact enough to fit into my small ford contour.  Since his is on the skinny side for his age, the tall shell was more important to me than the higher weight capacity, although this one goes all the way up to 35 pounds rear-facing, which should be plenty long-enough for my son.  Not only can he use it in the rear-facing position longer than many other car seats, but he will also be able to use it forward-facing longer as well.  Also, it's very easy to install once you get the hang of it.  He is safe and comfortable in it and I'm a happy Mom!

Norfolk, NE


The First Years True Fit Premier Convertible Car Seat

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