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The First Years
The First Years Pacifier Wipes

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Handy but not needed....


Finally a cloth designed especially to help keep baby's pacifier sanitized. Pacifiers get dropped, kicked and stuffed into pockets purses and cupholders. Then when baby needs them they're dirty and your stuck with trying to find a sink or a bottle of water to wash it off. Not anymore! The wipes are handy they come in packaging that is easy to slip into a diaper bag, a pocket or to keep around the house. The cleaning agents are baby safe so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals getting inside to baby. Pricing is reasonable. It's more than fair especially since you can use it on bottles, sippy cups , and toys as well as on pacifiers. It's not a necessity but they are nice to have in your arsenal. Especially if you work in a daycare or are constantly on the go. Performance They do exactly what you want them to do. Scent I didn't notice any smell when I used them. Which was nice, not everything has to have a smell. So in this case no smell is good.




The First Years Pacifier Wipes

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