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The First Years Milk Storage Organizer

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Love the First years milk storage!!!!


I had seen this when I registered at the store but never gave it a second thought.  I would put this on my list for having an organized freezer anyday.  I loved how it compacted my milk and made it easy to keep it organized.  I have a very full freezer and needed a way to organize my breast milk- I tried bottles at first and they were nice and easy but soooo expensive if you don't use the milk regularly.  I had a friend say she wished she had gotten one of these so I decided I would get one and give it a try.  I ended up buying two of them and using them both to keep my freezer organized.  You really only need one but I liked having two so that I could compact 4 bags of milk down at one time.  The one thing you need to know about this is to label the ounces on it as well as the date because once it is compacted down it will look like there is more than there is.  The tops of these come off too and you can use them for filing milk away also.  You can't beat this system if you plan on freezing any of your milk.

Vancouver, WA


The First Years Milk Storage Organizer

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