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The First Years
The First Years Home and Away Portable Video Monitor

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Great baby monitor product


I have been using this product to watch my baby while I am in other sections of my house and have found it to be a very effective product. The picture clarity is extremely clear and the sound quality is also exceptional. I find that this monitor gives me a very strong sense of comfort knowing that I can see what my baby is up to anytime that I want. It used to be a problem going in to check on my baby, because I would usually end up waking her up when I went in to the room. Now i can observe as often as I want from a different part of the house. The fact that I can also observe what is going on from an outside location makes life that much better for me. I can interact from any location and still know what she is up to. The price is very reasonable for this as well especially if you shop around. I am very pleased with this product in every way. I have seen less expensive products, but they do not have the quality compared to this one.I highly recommend it.

Port Washington, NY


I feel very comfortable not being in the same room as baby...


I feel very comfortable leaving my baby in the crib napping, while I do all my chores for the day and be able to run down the stairs to check the mail... I can move the monitor to fit my whereabouts and still watch baby...knowing the baby is sleeping and safe..or playing and safe... Safety First...And while I am sleeping and every once and awhile I wake up and have to look at the baby to make sure baby is safe, which she is, SAFE...I LOVE being able to watch her sleep or just play... I watch her learning while she is playing. A lot of times babies don't let you see them do some stuff, they wait until they are alone to do some things and other times they let you see what they are doing, I get to see EVERYTHING, she does... I LOVE THIS...

Lodi, NJ


The First Years Home and Away Portable Video Monitor

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