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The First Years
The First Years GumDrop Slim Neck Bottle

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Great Bottle. But not the best


I have been using the pacifiers that are made of the same material as the nipples on these Gum Drop bottles so I figured I would give the bottles a shot. My baby is still small enough that we don't need a bottle quite this big yet, but for the most part besides the size issue it was a great bottle. The design is sturdy. They are cute, come in many different colors and designs and are super easy to clean. They are a little bit more expensive than the regular cheap bottles but not as expensive as other bottles on the market. I was impressed with the nipples being so like the pacifiers. Made it easy on baby, because she was already used to the texture and shape of the nipple. We won't use it for a couple of months, but when baby gets big enough to need a bigger bottle than I will be using it for sure, and possible will buy a couple more. I would recommend this to my friends. Child's Comfort There were no issues with babys comfort when using this bottle. I would imagine for an older baby it would work well for a baby who was holding there own bottle. Leak Prevention I didn't have any leaking problems with this bottle.





If I could choose a number between 0 and 1 I would choose 0. Gumdrop baby bottles are awful, just terrible, I got a gumdrop baby bottle set as a gift at my baby shower they worked for a couple months no problem then all of the sudden the nipples kept falling inside of the baby bottle spilling formula all over my baby. These bottles are completely unsafe and unreliable in my opinion. Worst baby bottles ever. I'm definitely going to be choosing a different brand I thought they would be great at first plus I really loved the designs of the bottles, but I have learned that I cannot judge the quality of the bottles by how the bottles are designed. Never again will I buy this brand of baby bottles, the nipples won't stay in place they leak all over and really the nipples dropping into the bottles? I mean when you think of a baby bottle you probably think of safety first as well as air reduction too well this brand of baby bottles do not offer any of these great features parents are looking for. Child's Comfort Formula spills all over baby. Leak Prevention Not very good at all spills everywhere Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean Keeps Air Out Baby gets tons of air bubbles and tummyaches



The First Years GumDrop Slim Neck Bottle

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