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The First Years
The First Years Crisp Clear Baby Monitor

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This baby monitor is A #1


I love the fact that I can hear every time the kids roll over.  As a light sleeper and the mother of five, three older ones, I can tell how close they are to getting out of the bed.  This monitor is one of the best ones I have received over the twenty years of having kids.  I find the First Year products seem to last longer thatn other models.  I lkie the ease of it also being battery operated so I can take it outside if need be.

Metairie, LA


Picks up what you don't want to hear


When I first picked up this monitor, to replace a Graco that I shorted out, I thought it was great. It was so loud, and I could hear my daughter so loudly. But we did have to play around with the placement a bit, and make sure nothing else was plugged into the same outlet because it buzzed so badly. That night, we heard screaming, ran into my daughter's room, but she was fast asleep! We were listening to the neighbor's daughter louder than our own! We tried everything: switching back and forth between the two settings, moving the placement of the monitor around the room, but to no avail. We used to be able to hear the neighbors on our old monitor, but only when we switched it to the "B" setting. Now we wake up every morning to the baby next door, whose parents do not, apparently, care. Even when the neighbors are quiet, it is too much of a struggle to place this monitor so it isn't buzzing or clicking. I am purchasing a new monitor this weekend, and will not be buying this brand again.

Gardner, MA


I can hear everything!


I didn't really know what kind of monitor was the best when I registered for one so I just asked for the first one I saw.  Well it turns out these monitors are great! I take them on the road with me and I have two receivers so I can keep one in the kitchen and one my bedroom.  I love not having to move them around to hear my son and the sound quality it great!  Any little noise my son makes I can hear.  As a first time parent I like being able to hear my son and any noises he makes while he is sleeping so I can know how he is doing.  If you are looking for a monitor for your baby this would be a great buy and I think the price is very reasonable.  I like that the receiver antena folds down too for easy packing.  The only bad thing about it is mine seems to feed back a good bit sometimes.  It just kind of depends though.  I plan on using these for my future children if they will last that long.

Florence, SC


it does what it's supposed to do, most of the time


We were handed down this baby monitor from friends with a child older than ours.  They said they rarely used it because there was seemingly a short in the wiring and it cuts out sometimes.  If you smack it around a little, it ususally comes back on.  We also secured a rubberband around it to add some more pressure contact on to the battery door.  I like that there is a visual cue that lights up when there is sound, so I can be listening to music and working on the computer and if I keep the monitor in front of me, I can still get the message when the baby is awake.  The First Years Crisp Clear baby monitor has been helpful for us.  The range is great.  My husband said he was still getting signal when he was shoveling the driveway and bbaby was upstairs in bed (nice multitasking, hubby!).  There are 2 monitors and 1 receiver.  The bad side is that we can sometimes hear neighbors' conversations (yikes).  Not sure if they have the same equipment or what.  Maybe I should ask...  Also, don't carry the monitor into the room with the reciever or you can generate some pretty nasty feedback, which is not conducive to keeping the baby asleep.  For the money I would have taken it back for the battery contact issue, but sinse it was a hand me down, I can't really complain and we have been using it for 6 months without much trouble.  I think the newer model might be a better buy- It has a blue semi-circle on the front instead of a circle.

Elmhurst, IL


The First Years Crisp Clear Baby Monitor

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