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The First Years
The First Years Clean Air Odor Free Diaper Pail

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Clean Air Diaper Disposal System Allows for Cleaner Air


We bought the First Years Clean Air Diaper Disposal System because we wanted something that we didn't have to buy special bags for. Even though you do have to buy replacement filters and replace the batteries I feel that we have still come out farther ahead on saving money because we don't have to buy special bags. Obviously, when using smaller diapers such as newborn and size 1, it holds a lot more diapers than it would holding size 5 & 6 diapers. It's easy to "forget" to change the bag when using smaller diapers because it takes longer to fill up. We haven't had a "stink" problem. If there is a stink problem it's probably because the bag needs to be changed out more frequently. We've only had a stink problem if we didn't change the bag out in time or neglected to replace the filter or batteries. It closes tightly which is what you want to keep the stink out, but it is a little noisy when you close the lid I Would definitely recommend this product and thinking of buying a second.


Anchorage, AK


Dirty Dipers without the smell.


After becoming a grandma I filled my home with baby furniture and toys. After having my granddaughter say over a few times I found it necessary to purchase a diper pale. I did a little research and finally decided to get a First Years Clean Air Diper Disposal System. 22 years ago when I first started my family the options were limited and over the past 22 years the market has provided us with some many great and helpful items. For some reason my granddaughter had the smellest dipers in the universe and the whole house smelled like dirty dipers even if I tied them in a bag and put them outside. Once I started using The First Years Clean Air Diper Disposal System I noticed an immediate difference. No more lingering dirty diper smells. When I put more than one diper in the disposal unit the odor in my house was still fresh and clean. I think because of the air tight seal it helped greatly in keeping the odor contained.


Newport News, VA


only delays (and compounds) the inevitable


I registered for this item because I had a very, very nosy little dog who was fond of raiding trash cans and I didn't want to see what kind of damage he could do to a dirty diaper! He passed away before the baby was born so I never got to see how good this was at keeping pets out...but I can say we tried to use it and this product is just awful. The inherent design flaw is this: sure, it may keep the diaper odor contained longer...but if you feel that you can let a whole trash bag sit in there until it's full then when you finally do open it it's like a blow to the head the overwhelming stench! My other problem with it was the design. In order to get the lide closed you had to push really hard then it would make a loud click, loud enough to disturb a sleeping newborn. I also never seemed to be able to get the bag in properly, so that's a good job for the hubby. Overall, I recommend skipping this type of product entirely and just taking your trash out more often.


Vernon Hills, IL


This diaper pail was a huge disappointment!


When expecting our son two years ago, my husband and I looked at several diaper pails to add to our baby registry. We looked at all of the features and we liked this diaper pail because it did not take special bags and it had a constant fan that kept rotating to help eliminate smell.  We were excited when we received it as a gift but after a couple months of using it we were really disappointed. First of all, my biggest complaint was that the part that is supposed to close off the sack never really closed all of the way. When you would open the diaper pail, you would get a huge whiff of diaper smell.  I used the size garbage bags that it required and but they never really got a tight fit and they would easily fall in. Within a day or two you would have to take the bag out or it just got really stinky (I only put wet diapers in, never poopy diapers).  After a couple months of fighting with it, I just packed it up and put it away. It wasn't worth my time to deal with it and easier to just take the diapers to the trash. Unfortunately for us, this was one of our least favorite baby items.


Edmond, OK


Took it back cause I didn't like it.


I bought this when our last diaper pail started letting the scent out. It was a different brand. I liked this one because it wasn't as expensive as other diaper pails. It especially didn't have to take specific garbage bags that were expensive. Like other diaper pails out there. I thought that the little scent thing would work well too. It was loud when you would use it and annoying. I didn't like that. It didn't seem to keep the smell out very well either. Because it is so top heavy it is hard to take the trash bag out. I actually got cut on this thing. Which makes me hate it more. It's harder to also put the trash bag in as well. You have to open both tops and push it up through the bottom. Or you have to pull through the bottom. I wanted something simple and fast to use. After trying this out for a little while I took it back. I was not happy with how it worked. So I went back to the old brand. The old brand lasted us about 4 years anyway.  


Lehi, UT


I love using cheap trash bags with this


**This has been a great diaper pail. There are so many expenses with a new baby and I'm relieved that this diaper pail is one less expense. My son was born in November 2008, we put batteries in the pail and we've never replaced them. I'm relatively sure they are long since dead. I've never replaced the filter either. In spite of that I never smell any odor from the pail. I'm really very pleased with how effectively it holds the odor in. That's not to say that you don't smell a slight odor when you open the lid to put in a diaper but once the lid is firmly shut, that's that. No more odor. All I can smell in my son's room is the baby powder scent from the diapers in his diaper stacker. The best thing about the pail is that I use plain cheap tall trash bags and I stuff the dickens out of them before throwing out the diapers. By the time I throw away the trash bag full of diapers I probably have at least 20 lbs. of diapers in it. I did a lot of research before registering for this pail and I think I made the right choice.**


Clovis, NM


Odor free is finally right with this diaper pail!


This is my 3rd diaper pail and I LOVE IT!!!  It is a very sleek design and very simple.  It does take 4 D batteries but in a year have only had to replace them once.  The air filter and odor eating discs' are not expensive at all.  The device that holds the bad in place is a little light for the diapers after a while, but we just had to get slightly larger bags, fine by me.  The fan is completely silent, thank God!!!  The lid is not easy enough for a toddler to open, but easy enough for an adult to open, very important for us.  We have over packed this diaper pail with some of the most horrible diapers and no odor has escaped it.  I love it and would recommend it and buy it for any friends.


Phoenix, AZ


The disappointing diaper pail.


We've been extremely disappointed in this First Years Clean Air Odor Free diaper pail. When we first started shopping for one, we looked at all the reviews and this was always highly recommended. We were also impressed with the fact that it didn't need special refill bags -- you can use common trash bags. Once we had our son and began using the thing, we were upset to find some major faults. First, you cannot open the thing one-handed. And as any parent knows, you need to do everything while holding a baby. Secondly, to get the diaper to fall through the arms and into the pail, you have to open and shut the thing a couple times. And shutting it so that it latches causes a loud bang, which is very upsetting at 3:00 a.m. when you just got the baby asleep. Basically, I really wish we had gone with the Diaper Genie instead.


San Francisco, CA


No expensive refills


With our first child, we used the diaper systems with refills until the end.  So, when I become pregnant and saw this option, I was excited to try it.  It uses regular trash bags and works very well.  I think it works even better than the diaper genie we used to use b/c it so much more convenient.


Columbia, MO


The First Years Clean Air Odor Free Diaper Pail

3.6 9