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The Fat Blocker Diet

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I Need Fat


This book and plan is based around a substance called chitosan, thought to block fat from being absorbed in the body. I actually had a hard time finding this product. The basic premise is to consume a gram of chitosan per five grams of fat each day. This is to be combined with a high-fiber, low-fat diet. Next issue, I didn't have time to calculate each fat gram especially in foods with no nutrition label, like fish or avocados. Of course, I always avoid trans fats, the dangerous kind found in hydrogenated oils, but from my experience most foods that are promoted as low-fat or non-fat are loaded with other chemicals to create a palatable taste and texture. I didn't like the idea of cutting out fat in my diet and did not experience much weight loss success. I guess there isn't really a magic pill out there. If there were, everyone would be skinny. Effectiveness There really hasn't been much research on chitosan. Sources are not cited in this book. I didn't experience a difference in my overall body fat percentage. Side Effects Low-fat and non-fat foods are not good for the body. I try to consume good sources, such as nuts, avocados and cold-water fish. Ease of Use Aside from counting fat grams and calculating the amount of chitosan I needed at each meal, I did notice some good nutritional guidelines.




The Fat Blocker Diet

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