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Smoothing Shampoo
The Body Shop
The Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo

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excellent shampoo


I've been buying many things from the body shop lately.  This product , by far, was the best.  I love how after taking a shower with this shampoo, my hair was glowing, shiny, and smooth.  The olive oil inside the shampoo truly makes my hair glossy.  My friends told me that I  have glossy hair lately.  I told them my secret, and they visited the body shop to buy the products.  They were very happy with the results also.  Plus, the product is organic, and that is very helpful. The ingredient is including olive oil, and I love olive oil. It's healthy for your body and hair.  It works better than those shiny cream that I use.  I usually apply those shiny cream on my hair after taking a shower.  After I begin using this shampoo,  I don't need the shiny cream, yet my hair is shinier than ever!  I will not change this shampoo for anything else. I tried other shampoos at the body shop, and they just didn't work well on me.  Other shampoos left my hair dry and dull.  My hairstylist even commented to me that I had a glossy hair. She thought that I used some kind of professional salon shampoo. I told her that I bought my shampoo at the body shot. She was in shock.

Santa Ana, CA


The Body Shop Olive Glossing Shampoo

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