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Perfume Oil
The Body Shop
The Body Shop Jasmine Essential Oil

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so many uses besides perfume...


if you love the smell of jasmine, this is a nice product, but it is a little off scent wise.  It is a little musty, more than sweet, but stays relatively true to the smell of jasmine.  I don't like to use the product straight up, it is veeeerrrryy potent!  I recommend getting a atomizer and doing a 50/50 mix of it with rubbing alcohol in the bottle to make it not so greasy and not as strong.  the little bottle is moderatley priced, but you will get so much use out of it because it is so strong!  they also carry other scents, including rose oil, another nice treat for your nose.  I like to use some of it in a small ceramic bowl, and it will make your home smell good for months.


Bradenton, FL


The Body Shop Jasmine Essential Oil

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