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The Body Shop
The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm

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Way too iridescent!


I love the Body Shop cranberry collection. I have bought the soaps and lotions before. It's a great scent. This lip balm is a good moisturizer and has a nice scent/flavor. But whe you put it on, it is way too shiny/opague/iridescent. It's not really a good look for adults unless you really like frosten lip stick. I wish it had a better description bcause most of the Body Shop lip balms are basic without glitter and such, so you wouldn't guess what this one is like.

Bothell, WA


Berry delicious on my lips.


A seasonal product available during the holidays I had the chance to pick up a tin of *The Body Shop's Cranberry Joy Lip Balm.* Containing cranberry seed oil and community beeswax, as well as a medley of assorted oils and ingredients, it is a promising product for someone who is into organic and natural products. This lip balm smells rather sweet, more like strawberry than cranberry. It's extremely hard to refrain from ingesting this product, it smells so good! It applies well onto your lips, a few swabs of your finger and your lip should be well covered in no time. The balm also contains slight traces of glimmer, but it's hardly noticable when on your lips (my husband also uses this product, and he doesn't seem to notice). The tin itself is very sturdy, made of metal. It's also very compact so you can slip it into your coat pocket, or your purse. As it fits in the palm of a hand, I can't really recommended that someone put it in the pocket of jeans. It's a nice product overall, I've been using it for the past month and really haven't dented much of the surface (and I apply it on and off throughout the day), YMMV but so far it looks to last for a while.

Queens, NY


The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Lip Balm

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