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Conditioner for Curly Hair
TextureLine Curl Conditioner

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Curltastic 2


Well, with the previous review, there was the shampoo. No need for a long story here. One thing that I do want to add is. When I wash my hair and put the conditioner in, I always comb it through my hair. Then when rinsing, I only rinse for a few seconds - just the top layer. I leave in the rest....I have found that this works better than rinsing it out completely. Now one thing to know is, with this product left in and with the other product that I use after washing and drying....you will have to look at that review, I find that it can itch the next day and that it is a little heavy. So, if you don't like either of those sensations, then rinse it all out. The itchy stuff doesn't bother me and it isn't an allergic reaction from leaving the product in my hair. Just wanted you to know what I do to make it work out for me.


Framingham, MA


TextureLine Curl Conditioner

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