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Hot Sauce
Texas Pete
Texas Pete Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce

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Great Improvement


Once upon a time I would not even consider putting Texas Pete on anything, this Hotter Texas Pete got me buying it again, it's really very flavorful, I'm a Hot sauce fanatic and very hard to please when it comes to hot sauces I like this Hotter Texas pete, still not as hot as I like my hot sauces but very flavorful.

Fayetteville nc


Perfect Addition to Any Meal


I use Texas Pete to flavor all kinds of foods. From southern stir fry, chicken, beef, and pork chops. My children like to add it to Hamburger Helper and Oodles of Noodels to give it an extra kick. It is hot enough to flavor a meal, but not so hot that it overpowers the natural flavor of the meat and/or noodles.



Texas Pete Hotter Hot sauce is better than the original.


Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce has the same taste as the original but is supposedly three times hotter on the scoville scale than the original. I do not know where the original ranks on the scoville scale but I can definetly say that Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce is hotter than the original. I consider Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce to be moderate in heat. Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce would not be my first choice, it is not hot enough for me. The flavor is better than the original, I think, because it has more of a peppery taste than the original. You can taste too much vinegar in the original, which I can not stand the taste of, but luckily Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce has almost no vinegar taste to it. That is why I did not give it a below average rating because the taste is good and the heat is OK. Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce could be a lot better but it will do the job if you have nothing else available to use at the time. I love hot sauce on almost everything and I rather use Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce on my food than to go without hot sauce.

Suffolk, VA


Texas Pete Texas Pete Hotter Hot Sauce

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