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Terax Hair Care Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner Pump Bottle 16.9 oz

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A nice treat for my coarse, dry hair!


I've noticed that the tube version had a thicker consistency and a very subtle perfume scent, while the pump version is a little more runny and smells kinda weird! I can't put my finger on the smell, but everyone I've talked to who has used it says it reminds them of "a wet dog" LOL. Despite the strange smell, I'm still giving this product a high rating because it does a really good job at moisturizing my coarse, dry hair without weighing it down or coating it like other silicone-laden products tend to do. And a little DOES go a long way! I think that if I ever do run out of my pump bottle of Terax Crema, I'll probably go back to the tube version.

South Windsor, CT


greatest conditioner for every hair type!


Terax Crema Conditioner is the best conditioner on the market as far as I am concerned.. I am a licensed cosmetoloist, and there is not a hair type that this conditioner will not work on!! It is light enough for fine hair, and heavy enough for dry, coarse, or damaged hair. The texture is creamy and thick, and the smell is divine. A little product goes a long way, so the bottle will last a very long time. You can leave it in for just  minute to get a thorough daily conditioning, or leave it in 5-10 minutes as a wonderful super deep conditioning treatment. I have used Terax Crema many times to completely revitalize people's hair when it is very damaged. This is my most-recommended conditioner. It will bring life back to even hair thar is in severe need of help, and can do it in very little time. A week of use will make hair gorgeous! It also is wonderful at helping tame flyaways that are all too common in humid climates. And is is an awesome detangler.

Cordova, TN


average conditioner at an above average price


I was really excited to try this and I wanted to like this conditioner so much.  I'd read about it countless times in magazines and know that it's been around for a long time and is generally well-liked.  It most certainly is very good conditioner--no question about that.  The thing is that for the price, it would need to be phenomenal conditioner...and I can't say that it is.  It reminds me a lot of Pantene's conditioners...which seem to be the ones to beat.  At one time (back when this was developing its cult following) I can imagine this really was just about the best thing out there...but now you can buy a really good conditioner (again, Pantene is pretty great)at the drugstore for a small fraction of the price.  All in all...I like it--but I don't LOOVVVE it.  The formula is rich and moisturizing.  The smell is not great, but also not offensive...kind of reminds me of plain old vaseline body lotion.

Custer, SD


Just about perfect


I'm always looking for the perfect haircare products. I think this conditioner is just about perfect. It's lightweight enough that my hair doesn't get bogged down. I wash my hair every 3 or 4 days and this conditioner doesn't seem to add to my natural oiliness. It has a pleasant scent that doesn't linger after rinsing. A little product truly goes a long way. I was surprised how long my first bottle of this conditioner lasted. I have very long hair and a common problem with conditioners is that the roots will be very well conditioned while the ends are not. This is not a problem with Terax; every length of my hair is well conditioned. Just about the only thing this product doesn't claim to do is prevent hair loss. Hair loss is my biggest complaint right now since I just had a baby. If Terax could figure out how to incorporate that feature into this conditioner, it would be absolutely perfect.

Everett, WA


Terax Hair Care Original Crema Ultra Moisturizing Daily Conditioner Pump Bottle 16.9 oz

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