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Terax Crema

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OMG!! BEST STUFF EVER! I used to work at Harmons and I pretty much have tried every hair product!! But there was this Lonely bottle of Terax, we never really had mroe than 2 or 3 bottles at a time. Never heard of it, the bottle was ugly so I never paid any mind, UNTIL ONE DAY! This woman came in and asked me for it so I told her where it was and she asked me if I ever tried it and I said no. She said OMG you have to try it, it's the best mask for your hair! And I was like really?? And I decided to buy it. It was only 9.99 for the smallest bottle. Can I tell you that IT IS the most amazing product! I have been hooked for years! I love it!! It gives you instant softness and repair to your hair. As soon as you lather it on it make syour hair feel amazing and then after you dry it it is sooooo soft! I recommend it for everyone!! You can also sleep in it and wash it out in the morning! Its great!! NUMBER 1 HAIR MASK/CONDITIONER.

Florham Park, NJ


One Minute Towards Soft and Fluffy Hair


After reading the good reviews on this conditioner, I decided to purchase one to try it myself, and I must say, this is an excellent conditioner and actually works to improve hair condition. I've been using this for about six months now, and I have no regrets buying this. Even though it is a bit expensive, the fact that it works way better than other high-end conditioner brands makes up for the price. Just a small dollop of this is enough to detangle, moisturize, and smooth out frizzies. There's only a mild scent associated with this product, so although it doesn't smell good like most other hair products, the smell is still tolerable. This conditioning cream actually makes my hair very soft as opposed to just smooth and de-frizzed. On the back, the label instructions say you can use it as a hair mask by leaving it on for **fifteen minutes** before rinsing product out. What's even better is when I leave it on for just one minute before rinsing it out, my hair feels thoroughly conditioned, and air dries soft and fluffy looking. For time-famished folks, this is just perfect. One minute, that's all it takes.

Tucson, AZ


I cannot live without this


I have been using Terax Crema conditioner for 5 years.  I cannot live without it.  It has saved me from overprocessing/styling/damaging my hair.  I swear, after all the bleaching and coloring and heat styling i've done, i should have short hair.  But, because of Terax Crema, I still have my long hair and it looks great!  It's expensive, but worth it.  You only need a bit, and the giant bottle lasts over a year, so it's not that expensive when you think about it that way.  I love the smell.  And...it's italian.  Does it get any better?

Seattle, WA


Terax Crema

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