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If given a choice,dont satrt using this medication.


  My five year old son has ADD,ADHD,and Bipolar disorder.He started using Tenex four months ago.And needless to say that it does not work at all,and he has become addicted to it one to of everything else.So if he has to go without his Tenex his blood pressure will go through the roof,and he will become VERY aggitated,which is not a good thing for a five year old to go through.

Green Bay, WI


This has been a wonderful drug for my son


Tenex was prescribed for my son after several trials of stimulant medication induced high anxiety and tics in my son.  It has been a blessing.  Tenex has the added bonus of lowering aggression levels too.  It has been used for years as an alternative med for kids who do not tolerate stimulant meds.  It is a blood pressure med, so it may lower the child's blood pressure.  Overall, this medicine has worked wonderfully for my son for over 7 years.

Minneapolis, MN


Working wonders for my little guy


Tenex has been a great change of medication for my little boy. He didn't tolerate stimulants at all. He'd go through depressions, anxiety, extreme mood swings, etc. on his stimulants. Since starting on Tenex, he has improved so much already with his agression and mood swings. I make sure to watch him carefully, as I'm still nervous about it lowering his blood pressure. But no complaints about that so far. One side effect I've noticed since he's started taking Tenex (besides the marked -extreme- drowsiness)--- he talks in his sleep, and sleep walks very often every single night. Not sure if this is a common side effect to this drug, but I would appreciate if someone else reviewed this, with the same symptom!

San Andreas, CA


tenex has helped take the edge off thank god for this


My son has odd (oppositional defiant disorder) and this medicine has really helped him to not be so impulsive and aggresive . He admits that he gets out of control and does not want to listen to authority  because he wants it his way all the time and if it isnt his way then we all pay. With tis medication he now is able to sometimes take a minute to calm down and learn a new behavior instead of acting out and cussing or fighting . i have discussed with him how this medication makes him feel and he says it helps him feel calmer and also heps him calm down when he does have an outburst and he is difused quicker . He also said it makes him a little sleepy but not enough to actually fall asleep . I was lucky and never had to resist putting him on stimulants  so i can't say how it works compared to those . Also my son is not distractable or hyper  as with ADD or ADHD but he is very defiant , aggressive and he is also gifted acedemically . I would recommend this to anyone who has a child with odd or add or adhd . If you want to try something other then stimulants this might be the way to go.  

Palmetto, FL



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