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Tenda-Bake Self Rising Corn Meal Mix

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Cool and Fresh Tasting


The corn meal is the best food that you can compare with homemade stuffs.  My kids enjoy eating this very much all day and they never get tired of it.  These are the things we look for first when we go to the grocery every week.  Although the food is as good as fresh, it is still not the freshest you can get but for convenience and price, you cannot go wrong with this choice.

Flushing, NY


Yes. You can make fabulous cornbread with Tenda-Bake.


My boys would be thrilled if I made cornbread every night. I don't, because I know it's not very healthy. It certainly is tasty though, so it's a treat we have fairly often. I usually buy Tenda-Bake cornmeal self rising. It comes in plain like flour is plain or self rising. I find that Tenda-Bake has the right mix on the rising agent, and it's much easier not to worry about that. Baking a pan of cornbread with Tenda-Bake is super easy. I don't tell my boys this. They might not be so impressed that I make them homemade cornbread. All you need to make cornbread is the meal, milk, and an egg. That's it. Well, that's all you HAVE to put in there. I add a couple of TBS of cooking oil and about a TBS of sugar. The recipe on the bag calls for putting 1/4 cup of cooking oil in the pan. No. No. Real butter. That's the ticket. I put 2 or 3 TBS of real butter in the cast iron pan. When that's melted, I pour in the batter. Even the mountain relatives asked for my cornbread recipe. They all love cornbread and make it often, but they thought my cornbread was the max. I told them my extra secrets, so they could make mine too. If you'd like to make my Southern Cornbread from scratch see: [http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/comfortfoods/southerncornbreadfromscratch.htm][1] Some people do prefer a less processed cornmeal. I like it stone ground myself. But, my boys like the fine ground Tenda-Bake. I like it too. So, I just get Tenda-Bake. It's also terrific for hush puppies or to use mixed for breading on vegetables like green tomatoes or okra. [1]: http://cooking.consumerhelpweb.com/comfortfoods/southerncornbreadfromscratch.htm

southern, NC


Tenda-Bake Self Rising Corn Meal Mix

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